Lisa's adventures in the future

Lisa's future family

Loud House: Next Generation

Episode 1: The Loud House: Next Generation Edit

It was a nice day in Royal Woods.

Lisa was enjoying a cup of coffee with her husband Hugh.

Lisa: Can you believe we almost didn't get married? My sisters almost objected the wedding!

Hugh: I know. But we are together now, right?

Lisa: Right. I gotta get to the hospital. Please tell Hugh Jr he needs to get down here so he won't be late for his first day of middle school. He's only 8, but he will fit right in with the other 11-12 year olds in his 6th grade class...

Hugh: Of course I will, honey.

Hugh hollered up for his bespectacled son.

Hugh Jr: Yes! I'm coming! Can't you see I need to separate uranium and lithium before a chemical reaction occurs?

Lisa: Like mother like son!

Hugh: I know, huh?

Suddenly, their youngest 5 year old daughter Alicia came downstairs.

Alicia: I just lost my first tooth! How will everyone like me now!?

Hugh: Ah, baby teeth. Like it was yesterday... Did you know, sweetie that a -

Lisa interrupted him.

Lisa: You're not going to tell her about that ridiculous tooth-fairy, are you? Cause it's scientifically proven there is no such thing...

Hugh: Not anymore... Now hurry up, you'll be late for school!

Meanwhile on the bus. 

Hugh Jr: Alic- you're seriously not sitting with me.. I don't want middle schoolers to know I have a kid sister that follows me everywhere!

Alicia: Sorry. But I'm not moving.

Just then, the coolest middle school girl came on the bus. She was Ronnie Anne and Lincoln's daughter, Lonnie.

Hugh Jr: Look, our uncle Lincoln has a daughter named Lonnie, right... So I need to impress her so I can be credited as the top popular specimen at the new middle school!

Lonnie: Hey, Hugh... How is it?

Hugh Jr: It's hanging good...

(in Hugh Jr's mind): It's hanging good? Does she think I'm an idiot now?

Lonnie: You are cute!

Hugh Jr: Thanks

Meanwhile, at Royal Woods Hospital:

Lucy: Lisa, you think you can fix my new baby? She's been very pale and underweight. I'm worried for her.

Lisa: No problem, sis! I'll have her good as new!!

Lucy: Thanks. And I still can't believe you married Hugh.. Granted I'm happy with Rocky, but still...

Lisa: I feel your pain.

(in Lisa's mind): I don't really feel Lucy's pain... Who cares that she married Rocky! She isn't a successful medical doctor!

Meanwhile, at Royal Woods Community College:

Hugh: And in conclusion, that's how you split an atom!

Lily: Thank's for helping me with this. I have a big test if I ever want to make it big!

Hugh: You're quite welcome, Lily. It always is nice helping Lisa's siblings...

Lily: Yeah.. Why did you go for Lisa, now anyways? She was hassling you since day 1 when you first became Lincoln's tutor.. All of us did, actually.. But why her?

Hugh: It's a long story. I'll tell you when you're older.

Lily: I'm 30 now. I think I can handle it....

Hugh: Oh all right... When Lisa finally backed off, it was a sign.. I just wanted someone who could be real around me without going too crazy.

Meanwhile at Royal Woods Middle School:

Hugh Jr: Thanks, Lonnie for showing me around... I don't think I would have ever made it... So where's the science lab again?

Lonnie: Just down the hall. Call me, okay?

She slipped Hugh Jr a note.

Hugh: Okay. Thanks...

Meanwhile at Royal Woods Hospital:

Lisa: Lincoln! What happened?

Lincoln: Well, when Clyde and I were going skydiving (don't ask. Clyde's gone crazy now...) and I fell off the airplane... I think I broke my skull. I need help! If it gets worse, I'll become a vegetable now! And Ronnie Anne doesn't like human vegetables!

Lisa: Okay, okay! Since I'm the scientist, I always know what to do... I've been hearing that ever since we were kids, Lincoln.. I think you can handle a little damage, right?

Lincoln: Wrong! I need it fixed..

Lisa: Okay, right this way...

Lisa took care of Lincoln's brain injury by zapping it with her remote control. She's always kept it in handy ever since, well, the incident her sisters were pressuring her to fix her problems..

Lincoln (in a chipmunk voice): What did you do? Why do I sound like this??? Ronnie Anne will really hate this!

Lisa couldn't help but laugh - it's cute how he sounds... Much like the chipmunks in Alvin and the Chipmunks, which Alicia always insists on watching - even though she's told Alicia the show could rot her brain...

Lisa: I'm sorry. There's not much I can do. Now enjoy yourself.

Lincoln (still in the chipmunk voice): It's not funny! Fix me! I thought you were the smartest girl in the world... Guess not...

Lisa then calibrated her machine, and then zapped Lincoln's brain with it.

Lincoln (in a voice similar to Lola's): Great! Now I sound like a girl! Especially... 

Lincoln gulped.

Lincoln: Lola.....

Lisa: I don't know what else to do... Next time, tell Clyde the truth... That you don't want to risk your life for going skydiving or doing any crazy stunts... I remember when Clyde wasn't like this. I want to know what happened!

Lincoln: Well, when Clyde started dating Penelope, he had no idea she was the risk-taker type. He though she was really awkward and fearful like him...

Lisa: Ah. So it was her fault all along.. I warned him about her, yet he never listened...

Lincoln: Now just fix my voice before dinner!

Lisa: Okay.

Lisa got a pill and that was the antidote for Lincoln's malfunctioned voice. 

Lincoln (in his typical voice): Thank you Lisa! Now I know I can count on you...

Lisa: And that means? Sorry, but I'm on Line 2, there's yet another medical emergency. Now have fun with your regular voice, and don't forget to come back to me if there are any more issues!

Lincoln: Okay.

At Royal Woods Elementary school:

Alicia: I can't believe Hugh Jr would go all the way to middle school - without me! He's seriously such a know-it-all!

Ashley (Lola's daughter): I know right! I think he just need some help!

Alicia: Right?

Just then, a crowd of boys were staring at Alicia.

Alicia: Of course, my loyal followers...

Ryan (Lucy's oldest son): I think you're pretty...

Lucas (Lori's son): What he said!

Alicia: Man! Is this how my dad felt when Mom and her sisters were crowding all over him! Back off, boys! Back off!

Ashley: I'll take care of them!

Ashley had Luan's old flower sprayer. She squirted it all over the boys.

Alicia: Thanks! You're a lifesaver!

Ashley: Don't mention it!

Meanwhile, at Royal Woods middle school:

Hugh Jr: I am having some trouble with my locker. Honestly, I put in a really simple combination - 1. But now I can't remember it! I knew I should have stuck with the formula for pi!

Lonnie: Here

She opened Hugh Jr's locker and it opened up easily.

Hugh Jr: Thanks, Lonnie you're a lifesaver!

Meanwhile, at Royal Woods Community College:

Leni: My daughter is about to come to this school. Hugh, can you help her by showing her the ropes?

Hugh: Anything for one of Lisa's siblings!

Leni: Like, thanks... I'll need to get to the mall for like, a big sale! Bye!

(in Hugh's head): Leni is great! Though a bit flighty, no wonder Lisa almost didn't invite her to our wedding!

Meanwhile in Royal Woods Hospital:

A blood-curdling scream came. It was Lily.

Lisa: Lily! What happened?

Lily: My fingers got caught in my apartment's big fire door! I think I'm bleeding!

Lisa: Lemme take a look.

Lily's hand was all red and her pinky was half missing.

Lisa: Wow! I know what to do!

Lisa got some gauge and bandages and wrapped them around Lily's broken hand and captured some X-rays. 

Lisa: I got some X-rays on your hand so I can study it to see if there's any more things I can do to fix it...

Lily: Thanks a million!

Lisa: No problem!

Then dinner came. Lisa finally got home in time to make her surprise dish.

Hugh came home shortly after with the kids.

Hugh Jr noticed something new in the living room

It appeared to be a cat. 

Hugh Jr: Is this going to be our new pet?

Lisa: Actually... The cat's an experiment I've been working on... It's part of my cloning machine...

Hugh Jr: Cool! Can I help?

Lisa: Sure. Any time!

Episode 2: The Loud House: Next Generation Part 2 Edit

The cat became a nice adjustment to the family. Lisa decided to name it Cliff II, after her previous childhood pet, who sadly died a while back.

Just then Hugh Jr had some news.

Hugh Jr: Mom, guess what? Tomorrow's career day at my school and I would LOVE if you could speak... You know so people get where my genius came from.

Lisa: That's wonderful! I wouldn't miss it.

Just then, the telephone rang. It was Lincoln calling about an epic Loud family reunion party... One that all siblings HAD to come to...

Lisa gulped. If this was the same day as career day, she would have to miss the family reunion... Though she's always wondered how her beloved parents have been doing... And Lola.....

Hugh Jr: Why the long face?

Lisa: Ohhhh.. I dunno...

Meanwhile, at the original Loud House.

Rita & Lynn Sr were getting ready for when their kids came back home.

Rita: Remember when it was all 11 of them crammed inside this house?

Lynn Sr: Like it was yesterday.. And now there will be a family reunion with them, their significant others, and their kids! It's going to be hectic!

Rita: I know. We made plenty of room in the backyard, didn't we?

Lynn Sr: Of course we did..

Meanwhile, at Lincoln & Ronnie Anne's house.

Lincoln: We have to notify the other sisters! I already notified Lisa, Lucy, and Lola... Would Lori be interested... She has to come - she is a Loud after all! And Luna is doing her latest world tour with Mick Swagger, so I have no idea if she'll make it...

Ronnie Anne: I hope ALL your siblings get to make it... I haven't even gotten to know Lisa well... Is she as smart as you say?

Lincoln: Yes. Very smart.

Just then, Lonnie came downstairs. 

Lonnie: Daddy, I need you to speak at my class' career day. You can do it, can't you?

Lincoln: Of course, but we need to sort out who's coming to our family reunion.. It's kind of a big deal for us Louds...

Lonnie: Okay!

Meanwhile, on Mick Swagger's tour bus.

Luna got a text on her phone.

Luna: I can't believe it! A chance to reunite with the old fam again! I'm in!

Meanwhile, at Lily's apartment.

Lily got an e-mail from Lincoln.

Lily: A chance to reunite with the best siblings ever! I'm in!

Meanwhile, at Lana's garage.

Lana: A chance to reunite with all my siblings! What fun!

Meanwhile, at Luan's club.

Luan was telling hilarious jokes on stage when her phone rang. 

Luan: Gotta take this! Mustn't be TARD-IE!

The audience laughed.

Luan: No seriously, gotta take this.

Luan heard the news on the reunion.

Luan: Sweet! I'm in!

Meanwhile, at Lori's house.

Lori got the news.

Lori: Oh, Bobby Boo Boo Bear, can't you believe this awesome news?

Bobby: What is it, sweetie?

Lori: We all will see my old family again!

Meanwhile, at the mall.

Leni got the news.

Leni: Sweet! I literally can't wait!!

Meanwhile, at a gym.

Lynn was working out when she heard the news.

Lynn: Yes! Can't wait!

3 days later. Lisa & Hugh's house.

Lisa: I wonder WHEN Lincoln said the reunion was.... If I can make it to Hugh Jr's career day, that is tomorrow at 12:00, and if Lincoln makes it more difficult (which he probably will), and makes it tomorrow at 1:00, which is when the career day is progressing... I wouldn't be able to make it to that family reunion....

Hugh: Lisa, are you talking to yourself again?

Lisa had a sheepish smile.

Lisa: Noooooo... Why would you think that?

Hugh: Ah. Just checking.

Lisa: Though, would it be bad if I miss Lincoln's family reunion? I don't want to let my siblings down, but at the same time I don't want to let Hugh Jr. down by missing career day at his school. He was looking forward for ME to show up telling everyone about how I became so smart... Especially at 4! Imagine...

Hugh: Well, I've known you when you were four.. And you were quite spirited, lemme tell you.. You almost wanted to study my whole anatomy in front of your siblings...

Lisa: Yeahhh.. Good times..

Hugh: And let's not forget you in that sweater with my face on it!

Lisa: Wait.. You actually SAW that?

Hugh: Yeah.. Leni tweeted everyone she knew about it.. I just happened to see it..

Lisa: That ditz! I'll say 1 thing to her at the reunion and that's it!

Just then, an e-mail popped up on Lisa's computer.

It read, "Lincoln here, sorry for the confusion on the dates... But it is tomorrow at 3:00 that the reunion starts! Ta! Speak to you then!"

Lisa: OF COURSE! I knew Lincoln wouldn't do this to me! I CAN make it to both at the same day!

Hugh: Good to know! With Alicia spending the night at Ashley's, we can tell Hugh Jr the good news...

Lisa: Of course! Because when Alicia seems to be around, she wants everyone's attention... Which might I add, was a lot like me!

1 day later. Royal Woods Middle School.

Hugh Jr was anxious about career day. His home-ec teacher Ms. Cole said something about it being unlike any others... Whatever that means, he will make sure no one will wreck it for him!

Ms. Cole: So, as you may know, today's career day....

Hugh Jr (in head): I hope mom can make it... She's been stressing about some inane reunion thing.... I have to know if she'll be able to come!

Just then Lisa came in the door.

Lisa: Sorry, Hugh Jr, I would have been here sooner... Lincoln just had to call when I was driving... And you know me, I had to stop before I picked up the phone.. But I made it!

Hugh Jr: Thank goodness! I thought something happened like you leaving for the reunion or something...

Lisa: Oddly, it's actually at 3:00! So we can make it just in time. Hugh will pick up Alicia... We ALL are going to be at the reunion! That's great, isn't it?

Hugh Jr: Yes! It will be...

Just then, Lincoln was up to speak about his comic book animator job... Then many, many other parents came and shared about their tedious jobs... Until. Lisa got to share hers.

Lisa: So in conclusion, that's how I became a genius at only ONE year old!

Lisa: Any more questions?

Hugh Jr: So, is it true your mom read books aloud BEFORE you were born?

Lisa: Yes.. It is. She was quite the bookworm!

Meanwhile, in Hugh's car.

Alicia: Daddy, are we there yet? I want to meet mom's siblings!

Hugh: Almost there! Hold on!

Meanwhile, in Lisa's car.

Hugh Jr: You were amazing in there!

Lisa: I was. Wasn't I?

Hugh Jr: I had no idea you were so smart at 4 years old.. Turns out.. I wasn't alone..

Lisa: I guess...

Just then BOTH cars got to the original Loud House fine and dandy!

Lincoln: So nice for you to make it, sis! These must be your kids! Lonnie has said so much about one of you - Hugh Jr, it was?

Hugh Jr: That would be me.

Lincoln: And Alicia, you are so cute! Looking more like your mother every day now!

Alicia: Why thank you!

Lincoln: And Hugh... My (ex)tutor! Why you married Lisa.. Like she predicted would happen... Man her science hypothesizes never turned out wrong!

Hugh: It's lucky to see an old chum of mine!

Just then, Lola and Lana came and said hello.

Lisa: Lola! I remember SOOOOO much! The time you tattled on me for wearing your "precious" tiaras, when I went through that "cool" girl phase.... Or the time when you tattled me for making clones of you.... Or the time when--

Lola: Enough! Lisa, I apologize greatly for being a snitch! That was in the past! Like, let bygones be bygones already! Geeez!

Lana: Lisa, if you seriously think of coming near my pets again I'll----

Lisa: Hug me?

Lana: Sure...

Then Lisa and Lana hugged.

Hugh Jr: I heard your parents kept your old science stuff... Can we see it, Please mom, please???

Lisa: Fine! There's some good ones, too!

They went upstairs - Lisa & Lily's old room

Hugh Jr: So you shared this room with your baby sister... That was tiring after a while.. I bet she cried a lot, right?

Lisa: No, surprisingly Lily wasn't much of a crier... She usually just watched me do experiments.. Which were right here.

Lisa pointed to a brown wooden desk with an old-fashioned microscope and a bunch of wires.

Hugh Jr: WOW! An old-fashioned microscope! Microscopes these days take pictures... I've never seen one that you just had to look through!

Lisa: Yeah... These things are rare now.. Now sometimes you can just take a pic on your phone and zoom in on the grimy details... Science today isn't like science when I was a kid... That's for sure!

Meanwhile, downstairs.

Hugh: So Alicia, I used to come here, actually, to help Lincoln with his Spanish test... Lemme tell you, a bunch of his sisters (including your mother) had INSANE crushes on me!

Alicia: Just like Ryan & Lucas... They can't STOP thinking about me!

Just then, Ryan and Lucas came in with their moms, Lucy and Lori, respectively.

Lori: Ugh. Lucas.... Who was this girl you're so infatuated with?

Lucas pointed to Alicia, who was sitting on the old family couch with Hugh and Lily.

Lori: She just doesn't have... IT! You know?

Lucas: But she's soooo nice! She has a British accent and sounds soooooooo sweet!

Lori (in head): British? Accent? Sweet? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait? Is Hugh here too... I may be married to Bobby now, but I never forget a face!

Hugh walked by Lori.

Lori gasped and fainted.  She almost fell to the ground, until Lynn walking by helped her up.

Lori: Thanks Lynn! That means a lot!

Lynn: So, I heard Hugh was here; he married Lisa - that jerk!

Lori: I know... But I'm with Bobby now, so that's out of the question - literally!

Lynn: I know, but Lisa knew we all liked Hugh, so it should have been NEITHER of us married him... Guess Lisa was serious when she showed us that baby picture she created of a mashup between her and Hugh as babies...

Lori: And naming it Hugh Jr? How ridiculous is that?

Lynn: I dunno... I overheard Lisa earlier, and she literally named her son Hugh Jr.. The small one with glasses and oddly messed up hair...

Lori: That's right! He does look a lot like Lisa, though....

Lynn: Yeah... I guess fate happened and slapped us in the face!

Meanwhile, Lisa and Hugh were remembering their past.

Lisa: And to think I was so crazy about you... I still am, though!

Hugh: And all I ever wanted to do was tutor Lincoln... He never did end up calling me back to share how he did on that test, though...

Lisa: Yeah, Lincoln once tried to change me! Actually, he tried to change me THREE times... The third time, I smoked in his face to creep him out. It totally worked!

Lisa had her evil grin after stating that.

Hugh: Yes, I guess... We are happy together, NOW aren't we?

Lisa: Of course!

Just then, Hugh Jr and Alicia walked in.

Hugh Jr: Is the reunion over yet? I have yet to find any scientific discoveries HERE!

Alicia: And on a more relatable note, Lucas and Ryan wouldn't stop chasing me! Ashley was there for a little while, but had to leave due to Lola's need for a pedicure...

Lisa: The reunion just started. Hang in there...

Hugh Jr & Alicia (in unison): Uggh, but MOM!

Lisa: No buts! You want to meet your grandparents, don't you?

Hugh Jr: I guess.

Alicia: Yes.

Just then Rita and Lynn Sr walked in. 

Rita: So these must be your kids I've heard so much of, Lisa.

Lynn Sr: Why didn't you tell me they were so cute?

Lynn Sr mussed up Hugh Jr's hair.

Hugh Jr mussed it back with a frown.

Rita: And this must be Alicia... You are just like what Lisa showed us in the e-mails...

Alicia: Thanks! Just don't stalk me like Ryan and Lucas keep doing!

Rita looked confused.

Lisa: Ryan is Lucy's son and Lucas is Lori's son...

Rita: Oh, of course! I knew that...

5 hours later: Dinner time

The Louds prepared a nice barbecue dinner outside. They grilled hamburgers, hot-dogs, and steak. They even had a huge cake with every single Loud sibling back in 2017 on it.

Lisa: That was some good dinner! I am stuffed!

Hugh Jr: So this is it?

Lisa: Almost... I have a special announcement!

Just then, Lisa stood up on the bench.

Lisa: As you may know, I am a doctor at the hospital.... Sooooo, If there is anything you all need, I will give it all to you - for free! Not a price or any paperwork at all! Just walk right in if you need anything. I also give out free family therapy - so if you guys are fighting... Look for me.

Everyone cheered.

Hugh Jr: So I take you'll be super busy... No more mother son experiments anymore, am I right?

Lisa: Now Hugh Jr, I never said that. We'll still be able to do plenty of experiments together!

Hugh Jr: Swell!

Then Luna came up and insisted she sing everyone a song she's been working on during her tour.

Everyone loved her song and went their separate ways after that.

Lisa and Hugh stayed back and helped clean up.

Rita: Guys, you don't have to do that.

Lisa: But we want to. To the best parents ever!

Lynn Sr: Yeah, we were pretty cool! Does anyone want to see my cowbell act, I've been practicing!

Lisa: Noooo way! I have no time for such inane nonsense..

Lynn Sr: Fine, you don't know what your missing though..

Lisa called to her kids.

Lisa: We're heading home... Dad wants me to listen to his cowbell routine.

Hugh Jr: I really want to stay! Aunt Lana was just showing me her gecko!

Alicia: And Aunt Lily showed me all her baby pictures! She was soooo cute!

Hugh: Listen to your mother! She has reasons.

Lisa: We can visit anytime, right mom?

Rita: Of course, sweetie!

Episode 3: A Peek in the Past Edit

After the reunion, Lisa's kids still had more questions.

Hugh Jr: So what made you start liking Dad in the first place?

Alicia: Yeah! How did you meet?

Hugh Jr: And did you and Lily fight A LOT?

Alicia: Lily was just a baby then... Did you and LOLA fight a lot?

Lisa: ENOUGH! I have a much better idea!

She sat them down in the living room.

Rita & Lynn Sr gave Lisa some DvD's and photo scrapbooks of the Loud siblings as kids.

Lisa put in one titled: The Studly Muffin

Lisa: This tape is when I first met Hugh.

The tape played. 

30 years into the past: 2017

A young Lincoln barged into a young Lisa's room asking if Lisa could tutor him as he is falling behind in all of his classes. Lisa swiftly declines, saying there's a tutor in the community college who could tutor him.

Young Lisa: Sorry, Linc, but I have to tutor Luan in Algebra, Lynn in Calculus, and Lucy in Chemistry... I can't do you and them at the same time. There is, however, students at the community college who tutor for extra credit!

Young Lincoln: Thanks Lis!

3 hours later

A young Hugh walked in the door.

Young Lincoln: So you must be my new tutor....

Young Hugh: What a lovely place you got here! I'm Hugh, your tutor. So are you ready to get to work?

Young Lincoln: Yes!

Young Hugh: Splendid!

Just then all 10 of Lincoln's sisters came down. A young Lori entered the dining area where Lincoln and Hugh were studying.

Young Lori: Ba ba ba!

Lori fainted at the sight of Hugh flipping his hair.

Young Lincoln: You mind Lori? We're trying to study!

Just then, a young Lola and Lana came barging in.

Young Lana: Ba ba ba!

Lana fainted at the sight of Hugh flipping his hair.

Young Lola: Ba ba ba!

Lola fainted at the sight of Hugh flipping his hair, also.

Just then the remaining sisters came in and did the same thing.

In Present day:

Hugh Jr paused the tape.

Hugh Jr: So, I'm confused... ALL your sisters liked dad once?

Alicia: How come you married him, though?

Lisa: So little time... Just press play.. You'll find out soon!

In 2017:

After all the sisters were awestruck over the young Hugh, Lincoln was furious.

Young Lincoln: Okay! That is enough! Every time a good looking guy comes into the house doesn't mean he's yours!

Lincoln's sisters stared at him.

Young Lincoln: Lets find a quieter place to study, Hugh.

Young Hugh: Marvelous idea!

In Lincoln's room:

Young Hugh: And that is the Magna Carta, this is how you solve for X, and here's how you congregate French verbs.

Hugh pointed to a text book picture of the Magna Carta, did a math problem solving for X, and showed Lincoln a dictionary of French verbs.

Just then Lisa came barging in.

Young Lisa: I need to borrow Hugh for a minute...

Young Lincoln: What? Why?

Lisa smirked widely and proceeded.

Young Lisa: You are the perfect specimen to teach Lola anatomy!

Lisa then went into Lola's room with Hugh and a pointing stick.

Young Lisa: This is called a rectus abdominis. Otherwise known as a six pack.

Young Hugh: Wow! I say...

Young Lisa, still focused on Hugh: Now, if you'll turn around, I'll point out the gluteus maximus.

Young Hugh: I say, I'm quite scared...

In Present day:

Hugh Jr: MOM! You actually tried to see Dad's gluteus maximus! And six-pack!

Alicia: I'll have nightmares for years!

Lisa: It's not what you think... It will easily explain more...

In 2017: 

Just then, the siblings were downstairs. Hugh had left Lincoln to keep studying.

Lori was texting Bobby, her boyfriend, and Lisa was knitting a pink sweater of Hugh.

Young Lincoln: Okay! That's it! Why is it that YOU always ruin things? You, Lisa especially! I thought you were above this!

Young Lisa: All I suggested to Hugh is we move in with him... I had no idea he'd run out screaming!

Young Leni: And, like I never seen anyone so cute... What am I supposed to do?

Young Lisa: He's MINE! Back off, sister!

Young Leni: Ah...

Leni took out her phone and started typing on it.

Young Leni: This is what our future baby would look like!

Leni showed Lisa an app of a baby simulator. A rather lanky male baby appeared on the screen with blonde hair, sunglasses, and a diaper.

Young Lisa: Eh. Incorrect! It is Hugh and I who are meant to be and who will have this as a baby!

Lisa showed Leni a printed out picture of a slightly chubby male baby with glasses and brown hair.

Young Lisa: I call it, Hugh Jr!

In present day:

Hugh Jr: So that's how my name came to be!

Alicia: Cool!

Lisa: Exactly. That's what I wanted to show you!

Just then, Lisa popped in another tape. It was titled The Science House.

30 years into the past: 2017

A young Lisa was working on an experiment in her room. When suddenly, Poof! the experiment blew up in her face.

A young Luan walked in shortly after, wanting help with something.

Young Lisa: Is it an algebra problem? I can't really help with chemistry right now...

Young Luan: I'll give you a minute. Ha ha! Times up!

Lisa rolled her eyes at that. She had invented a remote control that makes every problem solvable. The catch was, there was only one button... But she could make it work...

Just then, in the hallway.

Young Lisa: I have made a remote that will solve all of your problems!

Young Luan: But there's only one button? You're like a wizard!

Young Lisa: I'm a scientist! Now stand still.

Luan got zapped by the remote. She said a cheesy joke, and a fake audience laughed at it.

Young Luan: Thanks! Now to start my own stand-up comedy show!

Young Lisa: Now I better get back to work!

Just then a young Lynn came by and interrupted. She wanted shoes that run twice as fast as the new ones she just bought.

Young Lynn: You can do it! You can always think of something!

Young Lisa: Ugh. Understood...

Lisa zapped Lynn with the remote. Suddenly, Lynn ran by Lisa with super-speed.

Then a young Luna came in having trouble with her voice.

Young Luna: Yo, Lisa.. Think you can help me out with something?

Young Lisa: I know where this is going... 

Lisa zapped Luna with the remote. Suddenly, Luna's voice was auto tuned.

Young Luna: Now I can show this voice to the world!

Lisa chuckled. 

Young Lisa: I can use this for anything!

Just then a young Lucy entered.

Young Lucy: Can a remote like that help a broken heart that's just dark, moody, and depressed?

Young Lisa: I've always thought that's just an emo phase... Here take this, it may solve your problem.

Lisa handed Lucy a white pill. 

Young Lucy: Anti-depressants? Sigh... Okay.

Lucy swallowed the pill.

Young Lucy: I don't feel anything different. 

Young Lisa: Open your eyes more and take a look!

Lucy pushed her bangs back. Her eyes looked livid! 

Lucy then fainted.

Just then, a young Lana and Lola were arguing about a bunny.

Young Lola: I want princess bunny to play dress-up with me!

Young Lana: And I want the bunny to play in the mud with me! How do you know he's a girl?

Young Lola: It's an ambiguous gender! Now let me have her!

Young Lisa: UGH! You two can never agree on anything! You know, I have a much better idea!

Lisa smirked as she zapped both Lola and Lana with the remote. Then Lola and Lana started moving towards each other.

Young Lana & Lola: Hey! What are you doing to us.

They then combined into one person.

Lala (Lana and Lola combined): What did you do to us?

Young Lisa: Since you two can never agree on anything, now you're one person!

Lala: We can't decide! We've become a monster experiment! AHHHHH!

Lisa laughed evilly.

Young Lisa: Then it means we'll be with Lona... Isn't that great Lily?

Young Lily had a blank stare at Lisa, with her arms crossed...

Young Lisa: Why are you giving me that look? The siblings got what they wanted...

Suddenly, Luna called out to Lisa.

Young Luna: Yo, Lisa!

Young Lisa: Interrupted once again! What is it?

Young Luna: Ever since you made my voice auto-tuned, people have been calling me a sellout. They said it's OVERRATED!

Young Lynn: And I can't move my legs anymore, they're just so beefed up!

Young Lisa: That's just some simple malfunctions.. I'm sure Luan is happy..

Luan came rushing out of her room toward Lisa.

Young Luan: You gotta fix this! It's like I'm living in a children's sitcom!

Laughter roared.

Young Luan: Shut Up! Shut Up!

Young Lisa: Alright.... For those who got affected, stand in one place!

Her siblings huddled around.

Lisa zapped the remote on them once more.

Young Lynn: That's great and all... But all I can see is one button.. You're a scientist, not a wizard who can fix everything just because your smart...

Young Lisa: What do you think I've been trying to tell you this whole time Lynn?

Young Lynn: Well played.. Next time invent something that's actually useful...

Young Lisa: As a matter of scientific fact I have.

She pointed to a cloning machine.

In Present day:

Hugh Jr: So you did all that to get your siblings to understand that you can't fix every problem of theirs?

Alicia: Sounds a bit extreme, mom....

Lisa: It had to be done. They ended up thanking me for it later...

Lisa: Which reminds me...

She popped in another tape called "Snow Day Bored"

30 years in the past: 2017

The siblings were huddled around a TV watching the weatherman announce upcoming snow days. 

Young Lucy: Oh spirit in the sky... Bring us a snow day!

Young Luan: Fingers crossed! Everything crossed!

Young Lola: I have my lucky rabbit's foot!

Young Lana: And I have my lucky booger! It's gotten me through preschool!

The weatherman then announced the school closings. Royal woods was one of them.

A young Lisa then came in and announced there will not be a snow day.

Young Lisa: It's concluded there will not be a snow day! My special salt will wipe every street clean, so you'll have no trouble accessing school!

The siblings were outraged. They threw pillows at Lisa.

Young Lola: Why ruin it for EVERYONE?

Young Lisa: As you see here, your brain capacity decreases when you miss a day of school...

Young Lincoln: If you've actually had fun in the snow, you'd understand...

Young Lisa: Well.. I guess I could frolic in the snow this one day..

Young Leni: Yeah! And we'll have F-O-N! Fun!

Young Lisa: OKAY! Fine! But only since I can't stand to hear you spell erroneously... 

The siblings chanted F-O-N multiple times.

Young Leni: Wait, I thought we were spelling fun?

They all rushed outside.

Young Lisa: Fail to impress me and it's back to school for you truants!

Lincoln was the first to show Lisa his fun activity in the snow. It was an unsturdy snow fort.

Young Lincoln: Get in Lis, this will be fun!

Young Lisa: The unsturdy foundation.. The walls could collapse in any minute. Hardly up to code..

Lisa tapped the fort and it fell down with Lincoln in it..

Lana came over to Lisa, and convinced her to do her fun activity.

Lana showed Lisa a snowman.

Young Lana: And this is Mr. Twig arms!

Young Lisa: And what does Mr. Twig arms do?

Young Lana: He's jolly...

Young Lisa: If you valued your education, you would have no problem building this.

She went into the garage and got a metal robot out. It zapped Lana's snowman and melted it.

Lisa laughed.

Young Lisa: I forgot.. It has jolly seeking lasers..

Just then, Luan showed Lisa her fun activity.

Luan stuffed a mound of snow down Lincoln's pants.

Young Lincoln: Cold, cold, cold, cold!

Young Lisa: Losing a buttock to frostbite is NO laughing matter, as according the the Shackleton expedition...

Young Luan: I don't know what you said, but it's SNOW time to be cheeky! Get it?

Young Lisa: Unfortunately, yes..

Then Lucy showed Lisa her fun activity.

Young Lucy: This is corpse-sickles...

Young Lisa: So lie here and get hypothermia...

Young Lucy: Yes.

Then Lynn showed Lisa her fun activity.

Lynn got a race car like vehicle and put Lisa and her in it.

Young Lynn: And up next is Lynn and Lisa Loud! The crowd goes wild!

Lynn pushed the car a bit too fast.

Young Lisa: I do not see this ending well.

Lisa fell into 20 feet of snow.

Everyone crowded around her asking if she enjoyed it.

Young Lisa: This proves snow days are a health hazard and ergo, I shall unleash the salt...

Young Lincoln: NOOOOOO!

Young Lisa: Not much I can do...

Just then, a snowball hit Lisa in the face.

It was Lana.

Young Lana: You finks!

Young Lisa: You poked a bear, my friend...

Lisa then hit Lana with a snowball...

Young Lisa: That felt pretty good...

She then hit all the other siblings with snowballs and it turned into a snowball fight.

Young Lincoln: That was kinda -

Young Lisa: Fun? F-O-N?

Young Lincoln: Yeah...

Just then, the day came to an end and they all were anxiously dreading school.

Lisa got an idea. She called NASA to make a cloud simulator that makes it snow.

The siblings were all in Lincoln's room when they saw it was snowing. Lana commented on how it could have been her lucky booger that made it snow longer.

Lisa heard that.

Young Lisa: Eh. Incorrect.

Young Lana: I still think it was you lucky B!

In present day:

Hugh Jr: Then what happened?

Lisa: Welll....

In 2017:

Outside, Lincoln was sledding. Lisa pelted him with a snowball cannon.

Young Lisa: Nothing like lobbing frozen projectiles! Snow day!!!!!!!

Just then, Lana was making yet another snowman. That was instantly ruined by Lisa's snowball cannon.

Young Lana: Mr. Twig Arms Jr!

Lisa maniacally laughed.

Young Lisa: Look alive, Lana! Mr. Twig Arms sure doesn't!

Lynn was racing Lisa, until she pelted Lynn with her snowball canon.

Young Lisa: Hey Lynn, say hello to my not-so little friend.

The cannon blasted Lynn all the way in Lincoln's snow-fort.

Lisa laughs maniacally

Young Lisa: SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Just then, Lisa brings snow inside the house.

Lisa then shoots snow balls at Lori, who was video chatting with Bobby, Lana who was in the bathroom, Leni and Lincoln who were hiding in the fireplace, and Lynn and Lucy who were hiding in the ventilation shafts.

The next morning, they all wished for no more snow, yet Lisa called NASA again to get more snow.

Young Lincoln: Why are you doing this? Call off the snow day!

Young Lisa: Cloud seeding isn't reversible!

Young Lincoln: Then use your special salt!

Young Lisa: I'm sorry, you guys convinced me! Snow day's are F-O-N, fun!

The other siblings begged for Lisa to call off the snow day.

Young Lisa: Well, I'm quite crestfallen. But if that is the consensus, I'll submit to the will of the majority.

They all cheered as Lisa was spreading salt across all the streets.

Lisa admits to tricking them all.

In present day:

Lisa: So that's it...

She got a text from Lincoln.

It read, if you're watching the home tapes, don't forget to show them all what I did to impress Ronnie Anne.

Lisa gulped. That was the 3rd time Lincoln tried to change her. She doesn't know if her kids are old enough to see such horror!

Hugh Jr: Mom, what's wrong?

Lisa: Ahhh, your uncle Lincoln wants me to show you another tape... Of what happened when he wanted to change me to impress some girl...

Hugh Jr: I want to see!

Alicia: Yeah! Me too!

Lisa: FINE!

She popped in a tape called: Lisa changes it Up!

30 years in the past: 2017

A young Lincoln was playing video games in his underwear while a young Lisa walked in. She handed Lincoln his phone, claiming it was Ronnie Anne calling him.

Young Lincoln: Thanks a bunch, Lis! Ronnie Anne should come here any second now! You may want to change into some suitable clothes! She's a bit of a snob when it comes to dressing....

Lisa gulped. There's no way she's changing JUST for Lincoln's inane girlfriend!

She had to do it anyways, as Lincoln makes everything extremely difficult when she says no...

So she went into Leni's old clothes. There were some old black shades, a black leather jacket, a green and white striped shirt, skinny jeans, and black heeled boots.

Young Lisa: Peeerrfecct!

She then put those on, corrected her eyes so she won't fall down a lot, and fixed her hair, making it wavier and put in a green barrette Lola wasn't using anymore.

Young Lincoln: See. Don't you feel much better now...

Young Lisa: I don't know if it's really me, though...

Young Lincoln: You'll get used to it...

Just then the doorbell rang. It was a young Ronnie Anne, accompanied by a young Bobby, who was looking for Lori.

Suddenly, a young Lori came rushing downstairs. 

Young Lori: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It's Bobby Boo Boo Bear! So where are you taking me?

Young Bobby: On an amazing date to Burpin Burger, of course!

Young Lori: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

As Lori and Bobby exited the Loud House, Lincoln showed Ronnie Anne everything in the Loud House.

Ronnie Anne noticed Lisa.

Young Ronnie Anne: And this is?

Young Lincoln: Oh, yeah... THIS is my younger sister, Lisa... She acts incredibly smart, but who knows what really goes on in there...

Lisa felt hurt as Ronnie Anne laughed at that comment.

She went upstairs.. Lincoln tried to change her, for the last time.

She snuck into Lori & Leni's room. She was searching for something to make Lincoln crack.

She found a white box that said Marlboro.

It was cigarettes... Interestingly enough, Leni tried them once but quit after it ruining her "good" looks.. Lisa wouldn't be that foolish for them to ruin her good looks, as she scientifically altered one.

Lisa then went downstairs with the modified cigarette in hand then huffed it in, in front of Lincoln.

Young Lincoln: WHAT! Lisa! What do you think you're doing?!

Young Ronnie Anne: I'd better leave....

Young Lincoln: (to Ronnie Anne) No, stay... (to Lisa) If you found those in Lori & Leni's room.... Oh boy will they flip out at you! I never wanted you to go this far, I swear! It's just Ronnie Anne gets judgy when there are people smarter than her...

Young Ronnie Anne: I do not! Where did you get that idea from, Lincoln?

Young Lisa: So you wouldn't had rejected me for being smarter than you?

Young Ronnie Anne: Of course not!

Ronnie Anne then left the house. Lori came in shortly after.

Lisa was still furious at Lincoln. She was plotting something really good... She didn't know what, though... But she'll get him back.

In present day:

Hugh Jr: What did you plot on him, Mom?

Alicia: Yeah!

Lisa: Well, another tape sure will answer the question...

Lisa pulled out another tape titled: The Cloned House!

30 years in the past: 2017

After the aftermath of Lincoln trying to change Lisa to impress Ronnie Anne, a young Lisa was in her "laboratory" working on a cloning machine.

Young Lisa: This auta work, enough so I can clone the heck out of Lincoln, and scare him with a smarter version of himself!

Lisa laughed maniacally.

A young Lincoln walked by Lisa's room, whistling innocently. Lisa secretly chopped a piece of hair off Lincoln and put it in her DNA sampler part of the cloning machine.

It read: Lincoln Loud. Will become a clone in... 5.. 4...

It continued to count down. Lisa laughed maniacally as her plan was working.

Then the clone popped out. It still looked like Lincoln, with the white hair and bucked teeth... But something was different.

Lisa had programmed him to have similar colors to what Lisa normally wears, herself. And with glasses.

Young Lisa: Eeeexelent!

Lincoln clone: E=mc2!

Young Lisa: It's ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa laughed evilly.

Young Lisa: Now I want you to go to the shoe closet on the right of my room, and go inside his bed.

Lincoln clone: On it!

Just then, the clone went to Lincoln's room.

The original Lincoln came in his room shortly after to get a walkie talkie to contact Clyde with. Just then, Lisa's clone came up and startled him.

Lisa could hear a girlish scream coming from Lincoln's room.

The clone came heading to Lisa's room with an evil smirk.

He high-fived Lisa.

Young Lisa: Mission accomplished. Now to get some dirt on Lola....

Lincoln clone: On it!

He brought Lola down to Lisa's room.

Young Lisa: As you may know, I made a clone... But if your small brain processes it as something bad, and decides to tattle.... Well. I can't let that happen...

Young Lola: But Lisa, I...

Young Lisa: No times for apologies. Now spit in this cup...

Young Lola: Ew. But why?

Young Lisa: Just do it...

Lola spat into Lisa's cup.

Lisa smirked.

Young Lisa: Eeexelent...

Then the Lincoln clone showed Lola out.

Lincoln clone: What are you going to do with Lola's spit?

Young Lisa: You'll see....

She then put the cup of spit inside of her cloning machine.

It read: Lola Loud... Will become a clone in 5.. 4.. 3..

As it finished counting down, the Lola clone came out.

It was identical to Lola, same long blonde hair and perky smile, yet it wore a magenta dress with green gloves and a green sash. She also had glasses on.

Lisa maniacally laughed.

Young Lisa: Eeeeexellent!

Lincoln clone: And soon your clones will take over the world!

Young Lisa: I was thinking the universe...

Young Lisa: Now, clone Lola, I need you to go into Lola's room and scare her.

Lola clone: Yes master...

Young Lisa: She called me master! That's sooooo cute!

The Lola clone went into Lola and Lana's room. Lola was having a tea party with Lana and her stuffed animals.

Young Lana: Are you sure I have to wear this tiara?

Young Lola: Yes! Now be quiet and have some tea!

The Lola clone entered the tea party.

Lola clone: More tea, ME!

Lisa heard Lola's high pitched girly scream.

Lisa maniacally laughed.

Young Lisa: Mission accomplished!

In present day:

Hugh Jr: Sooooo... That's it of the tape?

Alicia: Yeah! Did you clone your other siblings or was Lola and Lincoln it?

Lisa: Well, the thing was I was aiming to get back at Lincoln... Lola tattled on me MULTIPLE times, so I cloned her as well... To get her back from tattling on me... I never felt the need to clone my other siblings... But I did... Lily was keeping me up from her crying, so I cloned her, Lana was being her gross self at the dinner table, so I cloned her, Lucy was hogging the TV with her stupid Twilight films, so I cloned her, Lynn pushed me when practicing for wrestling, so I cloned her, Luan was saying cheesy puns, so I cloned her, Luna was playing guitar in my ear, giving me tinnitus, so I cloned her, Leni was being her usual ditzy self, so I cloned her, and LORI refused to take me to a science museum, so I cloned her... I even cloned Clyde when he blatantly ignored my question about his dads to talk to Lori...

Hugh Jr: I wanna be just like you when I grow up!

Lisa: Though this happened when I was only four... You can do something just as impressive now... Just if you put your mind to things.. You can rule the universe!

Alicia: Yeeaah... About that... I think dad wants us to clean the kitchen... I'll see you...

Hugh Jr: And I have to do some work in my room...

Lisa: Ahhh... I'll just relax and watch some more tapes.

Episode 4: It's a Loud House! Edit

As Lisa finished the last tape, she heard knocking at the door. It was her siblings.

Lisa: What do you guys want?

Lincoln: Welllll.... all our houses got flooded in and we want to stay HERE until they get fixed!

Lisa: All of you guys? There's no hotels... Motels??

Lola: Eeewww... Stay in those dumps! I don't think so!

Lana: I suggested we all sleep in my office at my mechanic's job, but NOBODY liked that idea...

Lucy: And since Ryan is staying with his dad..... I figure it's best I stay here due to... You know, space...

Lisa: That's great and all... But how'd ALL your houses get flooded, huh?

Lincoln: Wellll... Some bespectacled boy was throwing water balloon cannons everywhere in town.. And it hit ALL of our houses, causing a big flood...

Lisa: You're talking about Hugh Jr.. No worries. I'll have a word with him!

Hugh Jr came downstairs.

Lisa was furious.

Lisa: HUGH LOUD JR! What do you have to say for yourself?

Hugh Jr: I was just doing an experiment.... Oh.. Hey, aunts.. Uncle...

Lisa: YEAH! My siblings came here since SOMEBODY turned all their houses into one giant pool!

Hugh Jr: I was getting them back... You know.. The cloning machine.. Hee he..

Lisa: We made up! Prior to me cloning everyone.... I discovered it was much better having real siblings who cared for me than faux clones who are smarter than everyone else...

Hugh Jr: Oh... But... But..

Lisa: No buts! Now I need YOU to fix up their houses... I'll make them all welcome HERE in the meantime.. And Lily wants to sleep in your room, Hugh Jr...

Lily: Why me?

Lisa: It's closest to mine.

Lily: Ah. Like old times...

Lisa: Exactly..

Hugh Jr: That's nice.. But WHERE WILL I SLEEP?

Lisa: There's a nice space on the couch.. Wait.. Lincoln asked for it first..

Lincoln: I did?

Lisa: Just go along with it...

Lisa smirked as she thought of somewhere else...

Lisa: You sleep with me AND Hugh!

Hugh Jr: NOT Fair!

Leni: Like where do I get to sleep sis?

Lisa: With me and Hugh!

Hugh Jr: Wait.. I've heard stories about your ditzy sister... Are you sure?

Lisa: Positive.. Now Lola sleeps with Lana in Alicia's room.. Lily and Lynn share a space in Hugh Jr's room, Lincoln and Lucy get the couch.. Leni and Luan get my room, Lori and Luna.. You two sleep in the kitchen.

Lori: I am literally not sleeping in the kitchen!

Luna: YEAH! Despite the past tour getting cancelled... I am sleeping in my tour bus.. Unless Hugh Jr flooded THAT too....

Hugh Jr: I kinda did... Sorry Aunt Luna....

Lisa: YOU WHAT! Never mind that... Luna and Lori gets to sleep outside...

Lori: Outside... LISA.....

Lisa: No worries... HUGH JR will build a shelter... And NOT flood it..

Hugh Jr: Why me.. Mom, in case you hadn't noticed.. I'm not good with tools...

Lisa: Your aunt Lana will help you..

Lana: SWEET!

Lisa: Now... Lincoln... You have a daughter Lonnie, right.. And you married Ronnie Anne... Where will they stay?

Lincoln: Weeeellll.. Ronnie Anne and Lonnie decided to check into a hotel.. They didn't want to live with YOU...

Lisa: Wait... What? I thought Ronnie Anne and I were cool?

Lincoln: Well. Since you NEVER write to her... E-mail... Text... Anything would be nice!

Lisa: It's not my fault if I got busy! If mom had let me keep that cloning machine... I could clone myself!

Hugh Jr: Ya know... I could -

Lisa: Not in the mood.. Now you Lori.. You are married to Bobby with a son Lucas! Where are they?

Lori: I literally don't know! Bobby boo boo bear wanted some space for some freaky reason... I dunno why..

Flashback to 1 day ago: Lori's house

Lori was texting on her phone. Bobby wanted to ask Lori something.

Lori: Can't you see I'm busy! Ugh!

Bobby: Well, bye!


Lori: When I got done with my phone, Bobby just picked up Lucas and left.. The strangest thing...

Lisa: Sounds like a simple case of self-absorbed mom who thinks texting is more important...

Lori: NO! I think Bobby hates me now!

Lisa: On more important news... Hugh Jr, you'll be on your best behavior, today, right?

Hugh Jr: Yes mother..

Lisa: That's good.

Just then Hugh and Alicia came down.

Hugh: I had no idea we're having another family reunion...

Alicia: AUNT LUNA! I loved your new song, "Don't keep me waiting"!

Luna: Yeah... That was about Mick Swagger.. We're dating...

Alicia: NO WAY! THE Mick Swagger?

Luna: Yes! The Mick Swagger!

Alicia: And uncle Lincoln... Still looking good! How are you feeling?

Lincoln: Well.. Could be better..

Alicia: Is there anything we need to talk about?

Lincoln: Nah...

Alicia: And Aunt Lucy! You should show me your bat collection!

Lucy: Sigh... My bats are all at my house.. Which is flooded.. I made them immortal with a spell book... But I don't know if one's going to make it...

Alicia: Wait. How'd Aunt Lucy's house get flooded?

Lisa: Ask your brother...

Hugh Jr: Well.. Ever since mom showed us the tapes of her childhood.. I decided to get back at her siblings for walking all over her.

Alicia: Ah.. But they apologized, didn't they?

Lisa: Correct. Which is why Hugh Jr is grounded..

Hugh Jr: MOM! I wanted to go to the latest science museum! It opens tonight!

Lisa: Ah, too bad on you!

Alicia: But I can't get over HOW many siblings you have Mom! Aunt Luan.. Still being funny?

Luan: Rightie O! What did one chicken say to the other?

Alicia: I dunno.. What DID one chicken say to the other?

Luan: It's your CLUCKY day!

Alicia laughed out loud.

Lisa (sarcastically): Yess.. Luan's the comedian... And Lucy can pray to the devil! And Lynn can beat me in sports... We are all super happy..

Alicia: I feel you still have mixed feelings on them..

Lisa: Well... They lived with me all my childhood... I wanted to keep the clones.. The clones NEVER aged... That was the thing.. It was like I could have smart siblings all my life.. But mom nixed it.

Alicia: Why'd grandma nix it?

Lisa: WEELLL.. It was all Lola.. She told everyone! Including mom...

Lola: Hey! If something's suspicious going on, I'm telling!

Alicia: But Aunt Lola, you didn't tell anybody about Hugh Jr flooding the streets? Why?

Lola: Duh... The police are on speed dial on my phone... And I wouldn't snitch on some little kid..

Alicia: Oookay...

Lisa: Well... Lola, you snitched on me multiple times... AND I'M YOUNGER THAN YOU!!!

Lola: By only 2 years.. It's not like I'd snitch on Lily... No matter how many times YOU (pointing to Lily) left your smelly diapers laying around!

Lily: Chillax Lola! I was just a baby!

Then Lisa's siblings all found out everything wrong with another... And started fighting.


Lisa: ENOUGH! We can all work this out!

Lola: I guess I was a bit of a brat...

Lana (under her breath): Gee you think..

Lincoln: And I guess I was kinda stubborn...

Lisa (under her breath): Gee.. you think?

Lily: For reals, though... I was one disgusting baby!

Lori: You couldn't help it, though at that age...

Lily: True.

5 hours passed. Hugh brought home pizzas for the entire family, plus Lisa's siblings.

Lisa: YUM! I call the bacon bits!

Lana: NO fair! I wanted that!

Luan: Well.. I call the cheese!

Luan noticed Hugh cutting the cheese pizza.

Luan: And Hugh cut the cheese!

Nobody laughed at the "joke"

Luan: Get it?

Lisa: Unfortunately, yes...

They all ate the pizza..

Then Lisa called them all in for a game.

Lisa: It's something Hugh Jr invented... He insisted it works with 11 siblings... Soooo.

The game was very complex. It fit well, though, with the Louds, as it was trivia based on their childhood.

Lincoln: And Lisa.. How did you get into science?

Lisa: It was a sunny day in Royal Woods... I was a baby....

After 2 hours of Lisa telling her story, Lucy had a question as part of the game.

Lucy: And Luan, why do your jokes always fail?

Luan: They do not! I have a bunch of followers on Twitter who love my jokes!

Lucy: Sigh... And Lily.. Why did you always poop in your diaper..

Lily: I dunno? I can barely remember what I was like as a baby... Did I really poop THAT much?

Lisa: Every day.

Lucy: Every night.

Lincoln: All the time.

Lily: AND Lucy... WHY is your hair black when the rest of us either have blonde or brown hair?

Lucy: Sigh... This was inevitable.. My black hair came from Great grandma Harriet who's peacefully resting in the heavens...

Lily: And Lincoln with the white hair... How?

Lisa: I've been wondering that same thing!

Lincoln: OKAY! You know Pop pop, don't you?

The siblings nodded their head.

Lincoln: WELL... Pop Pop said I inherited it from him... He showed me a baby picture of him... And he indeed had white hair...

Lisa: Remarkable!

Lily: Unbelievable!

Hugh Jr then came into the living room dying to join the game.

Lisa: This game was for Loud siblings only... I'm sorry.

Hugh Jr: But mom! I invented that game! I should be able to play it...

Lisa: Fine! You can watch.

Hugh Jr: Sweet!

As the siblings were answering each others questions, time passed and it was time for bed.

Lisa: As we agreed?

Lily: WE didn't agree anything.. It was you who told us where to sleep!

Lori: And I'm bossy?

Lisa: UGH! Fine.. Where do YOU want to sleep?

Lana: I wanna sleep outside in the mud...

Lily: I want to sleep in your room WITH you Lisa, like old times!

Lucy: And I want to sleep in Hugh Jr's room...

Lincoln: Well I want to sleep with Ronnie Anne and Lonnie in that hotel she booked...

Lynn: And I want to sleep in a gym!

Everyone stared at Lynn, confused.

Lynn: Well LANA gets to sleep in the mud...

Lisa: Those are ALL terrible ideas! I'm the genius.. This is my house.. What I say goes!

Lincoln: Sorry, Lis.. But we're your guests.. You have to think of US!

Lori: Yeah.. We're your siblings..

Lisa: FINE! But only because I can't STAND inanity any longer...

The siblings cheered and chose all their rooms.

Lisa, Hugh, Hugh Jr, and Lily all headed into Lisa's room.

Lisa took out a book and started to read.

Hugh Jr proceeded with his experiment.

Lily brushed her teeth, then headed to sleep.

And Hugh was already fast asleep.

Episode 5: Just Desserts! Edit

With the siblings gone home now, due to Hugh Jr fixing all the houses... Lisa was working on something in her secret laboratory.

Hugh came in shortly.

Hugh: What are you doing, hun?

Lisa: I've been making a new dessert formula! Our kids never understand why chocolate is so yummy... As a kid, I constantly craved it.. I even made a chocolate fountain for Lori's Sweet 16!

Hugh: That's nice.. But why?

Lisa: I dunno.. I actually made it more for me. I got so sugar high, I did some things, I just can't remember...

Hugh: Like what?

Lisa: I don't know...

Just as Lisa was finishing up her experiment, Hugh Jr came walking by, eating an apple.

Lisa: You know what would go much better with that, Hugh Jr....

She sprinkled her chocolate formula onto Hugh Jr's apple. It became a hard caramel apple with decadent chocolate hardening.

Hugh Jr took a bite out of it.

Hugh Jr: That was yummy! Thanks Mom! And to think I've never had chocolate before!

Lisa smirked to herself at her proud accomplishment.

Hugh: So what about Alicia... All she ever eats are graham crackers.. Plain graham crackers..

Lisa: Oh, I'll take care of that...

As Alicia was eating her graham crackers while watching TV, Lisa snuck in and sprayed her chocolaty formula, creating smores.

Alicia: Mom? Is that you?

Alicia took a bite of the smores and gasped.

Alicia: This. Is the best thing I've ever tasted!

Lisa snickered to herself.

Hugh shortly entered.

Lisa: Hugh! Guess what! My chocolate patented experiment is a success! Now people won't wonder what hit them when they try my chocolate!

Hugh: I'm glad! Kids today NEED to understand why it's so good!

Lisa: I know! Chocolate was everywhere when I was a kid.. Now it's rare, scarce, and hard to find. I completely blamed the president of 2017... Making fun of obese celebrities...

Hugh: And the speeches he made.. Yikes. Today's president ISN'T even better...

Lisa: I know.. Today's president is like Lola... But scarier!

Hugh: We never voted for her! What happened?

Lisa: My 10 siblings all voted for her. That's what.. Anyways. I have more work to do.

Lisa headed to her laboratory.

Lisa (to herself): Now to mix these two chemicals here.... Everyone will be hooked on my chocolate...

Lisa laughed maniacally at her success.

4 hours later: dinner time

Lisa: And for dinner, tonight, instead of tedious meatloaf.... I have CHOCOLATLOAF!

Hugh: Lisa.. Are you sure?

Lisa: I'm positive.

Hugh Jr (who is high from the sugar that Lisa fed him): YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! CHOCOLATLOAF!!!!

Alicia (who is high from the sugar that Lisa fed her): YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMY!

Lisa (in head): My work here's done... Now to spread it to the world...

After dinner, Lisa headed to her laboratory to make some phone calls.

Lisa called Lincoln, Lola, Lana, Lily, Lucy, Lynn, Luan, Luna, Leni, and Lori all each and discussed the plan.

Lincoln (on phone): So we open up a new restaurant.... Serving only chocolate?

Lola (on phone): Yeah.. You've had some crazy ideas, Lisa, but this? That's just nuts!

Lisa: I know... But it will work! Every kid will want to go there since the advertisements will be convincing.. Mom still kept my sugar rush tape, didn't she?

Lincoln (on phone): Yes. It's at my house. I use it for my comics.

Lisa: Perfect.

The siblings all agreed to the plan then hung up.

Lisa: Soon EVERY meal will be full of chocolate, and there's NOTHING nobody can do to stop me!

She laughed evilly.

Hugh overheard and looked worried.

Later that night. Hugh and Lisa were in bed.

Hugh: I don't know about this, Lisa... Chocolate in every meal doesn't sound too healthy...

Lisa: Pish posh! I know it's not healthy... But it's delicious... EVERYONE should know how delicious it is! I'm saving lives!

Hugh (in head): More like hurting them... If Lisa goes through with her plan.... People could be seriously ill...

Lisa (in head): Hugh doesn't get why this is important... I need people to go to my restaurant and I need everyone to like chocolate like I do... It's my guilty pleasure..

The next morning: Breakfast time

Hugh Jr was eating his plain corn-flakes. Lisa came in shortly to turn the corn-flakes to Cocoa flakes.

Hugh Jr: Hey, mom.. What's new?

Lisa was about to squirt her formula on his cereal but stopped. Hugh Jr NEVER asked her what's new!

Lisa: Not much.. But you might want to get dressed for school..

Hugh Jr: Okay!

Hugh Jr ran from the table without the cereal giving Lisa enough time to squirt her chocolate formula into the cereal.

Hugh Jr came back dressed and all.

Lisa walked away carefully, and hid behind the oven.

Hugh Jr: This cereal looks different.... Eh! I'm starved!

He gobbled up the cereal that is now all chocolaty.

Lisa: YES!

The only problem for Lisa was that the school lunches at Hugh Jr and Alicia's school NEVER serve chocolate... Lisa will soon fix that.

Hugh walked down shortly with Alicia.. Who had a big chocolate stain on her shirt.

Hugh: This. Was all over Alicia's nice turtleneck... Anything to explain, Lisa?

Lisa: I admit... I may have gave Alicia chocolate chili...

Hugh: But why?

Lisa: For.. I.. Don't know... I just want every kid to like chocolate like I did! Like my siblings did, too.. Lola would be excited knowing on Easter she got chocolate. Lucy's favorite holiday was Halloween due to the chocolate.. Now on Halloween, they hardly do trick-or-treating with chocolate, instead just toys... Which many kids like.. BUT YOU CAN'T EAT TOYS!

Alicia: Sure you can!

Lisa: Physically, yes.. Scientifically.. No.

Alicia: Oh.

Lisa: And, Hugh, you'd admit that you liked chocolate as a kid... Right?

Hugh: Yes. I liked chocolate as a kid... But I knew if I had like a ton, it would get very hard for me to move or do things I was always into...

Lisa: I had no idea... But will every kid still have an idea of what chocolate is? Will chocolate become extinct like the dinosaurs AND cassette players?

Hugh: I wouldn't worry about that.

Hugh turned on the morning news. Lisa's siblings were on the TV. They opened up Lisa's chocolate restaurant. Every single neighborhood kid was in there.

Alicia: COOL! Can you take me, mom!

Hugh Jr walked in shortly after and overheard.

Hugh Jr: Yeah! Can you?

Lisa: After school, you two..

Hugh: Why don't I take them.

Lisa: Yes. I need to call my siblings and tell them the good news.. Lisa is back on top!

Episode 6: Just Kidding! Edit

After Lisa contacted her siblings thanking her for the restaurant.. Luan had emailed her.

The e-mail read: "Lisa, I will take my comedy elsewhere... Would you mind opening up another room in your house?"

Lisa shuddered. There's no way Luan can stay over! It's too, too risky with Hugh Jr's science fair coming up...

She emailed Luan back: "I regret to inform you, it's literally impossible for you to stay here... I have a lot on my plate."

Lisa: That auta fix it!

6 hours later:

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Hugh Jr, walking by answered it. It was Luan.

Hugh Jr: Aunt Luan! Hey! Come in! Mom's just busy with something right now, but she'll say hi.

Just then, Lisa entered.

Lisa: Luan. I already told you in the e-mail I didn't want you here...

Luan: I know a good joke when I see one... And that's the best one yet!

Hugh Jr: If you, yourself, have any jokes... Lemme hear them! I could use some cheering up... They rejected my science fair project...

Luan: Well that just ain't right! I'll prank them so hard; they won't know what hit them!

Lisa: I think that's unnecessary.. Hugh Jr just needs time with his mother...

Luan: Impossible! This is something an aunt must fix!

Just then, Lisa and Luan started fighting...

Hugh Jr: OOOOOKKAY! Enough! I tell you what... Mom, I really wanna get to know Aunt Luan better... And Aunt Luan, we can chat... Just lets do it someplace private.

Luan: Okay... Whatever floats your boat! Get it?

Lisa: Unfortunately, yes...

Hugh Jr led Luan to his secret spot in his room - his walk-in closet, that doubles as a laboratory.

Luan: What a nifty little space! You built this yourself?

Hugh Jr: Yes. Not even my parents know about it... I kinda wanna keep it that way, so don't blab..

Luan: Cool! Your secret's SAFE (pointing to a safe in the corner) with me! Get it?

Hugh Jr: YES! That was hilarious! Can you show me how you think of these one-liners?

Luan: Anything for my BEST nephew!

As Luan was showing Hugh Jr her jokes, Lisa was in the kitchen with Hugh.

Lisa: And then Luan just barged in! And now she's talking to Hugh Jr... Probably corrupting his little mind with knock-knock jokes..

Hugh: I don't know about that.. Perhaps all Hugh Jr needs is a little humor. His aunt Luan is the perfect lady for the job, I guess.

Lisa (sarcastically): And who's side are you on, anyways?

Alicia came in shortly.

Alicia: I think Aunt Luan's hilarious! She has the best material!

Lisa: That may be true... It's just Hugh Jr is a lot like me - an intellect to no prevail... Luan could easily turn him dumb and well, an ignoramus just by telling him those inane knock-knock jokes..

Alicia: Well, even smart people deserve to laugh!

Hugh: She's got a point there...

Lisa (in head): I never was much for laughter as a kid... Why should Hugh Jr be any different?

Lisa: Well.. I'd better go check on Hugh Jr, I guess...

She then entered Hugh Jr's room.

Luan: Sorry, gotta WRAP this up...

Hugh Jr (still laughing): Mom! What are you doing here?

Lisa: I came to check out my 2 favorite people!

Luan: You really? Thanks, Lisa!

Lisa: Yeah, sure.. I was actually talking about Hugh Jr and his clone... That was his science fair project that they cruelly rejected...

Luan looked disappointed.

Lisa: HA! JK! I meant you!

Luan: LISA! How could you?

Lisa: Hey.. I have a funny side, too...

Luan: But, you played with my emotions! That doesn't make good humor! It's just mean!

Lisa: Exactly why it's so funny! (to Hugh Jr) It's just about time for dinner.. You'd better come downstairs.

Hugh Jr: Okay!

Lisa: Luan, if you think I'm going to put up with your clowning around this weekend, you're totally mistaken... I have work at the hospital to finish up... And if I hear one more joke come from YOU... Well, I'd have to ask you to leave.

Luan looked heartbroken.

Luan: But.. But why?

Lisa: I just DON'T have time for ignoramuses who THINK they're funny when they're not! That remote I made made you think you were funny... With that hokey laugh track button!

Luan: But there was only ONE button! I have a gift! I'm comedy gold.. At least that's what my boss at my club says...

Lisa: He must be a foolish ignoramus...

Luan: Actually... It's a SHE.. Amy Poehler is my boss - and role-model... I wanna be exactly like her!

Lisa: I say... She was in a lot of movies... For example that "Mean Girls" movie Leni always kept quoting...

Luan: Uh huh! And she likes MY material!

Lisa: Well, I can't even... You should introduce me, someday...

Luan: The slight problem is she gets snippy with strangers - especially those smarter than her...

Lisa (sarcastically): There go my weekend plans..

Just then, Lisa and Luan entered the dining room for dinner.

Hugh made what Lisa told him to make - a hamburger cake with chocolate fries.

Hugh: Are you sure THIS was the dinner you wanted me to make? A hamburger cake with chocolate fries?

Luan: It looks mighty HAM-Burg-Licious!

Lisa: I don't even get that pun.. Please elaborate...

Luan: It's not a pun.. I just think the hamburger cake looks delicious...

As they were eating the meal, Alicia had some questions.

Alicia: So, Aunt Luan, how did you know comedy was your calling?

Luan: WELL.... It dates all the way back to...

Lisa: Please, Luan, DON'T tell the story!

Luan: Why not?

Hugh Jr: I wanna hear it..

Lisa: Because, simpleton, it started with Luan pranking the heck out of ME when I was first born.. She tricked me into thinking I was a cat.. Obviously I was too, too smart for her, so I just played along, tricking her in the process..

Luan: HEY! I thought I really hypnotized you! That was all a lie?

Lisa: I'm afraid so!

Hugh Jr: Why would you trick Aunt Luan?

Lisa: Because... She had it coming.. If you'll excuse me, I'll be excused.. See you tomorrow! Good night!

Lisa then went into her secret laboratory.

Lisa (to herself): If that Luan thinks she can mess with EVERYONE in this house... Well I'll just mess with HER mind a little.

Lisa then mixed 20 chemicals together, creating an explosion.

Lisa then screamed for help.

Luan came rushing in.

Luan: LISA! Are you okay?

Lisa (crying): I mixed up too many chemicals all at once and now my lab is ruined!

Luan: How'd that happen? You didn't do it on POR-Pouse?

Lisa (with a smirk): Oooof course not....

Hugh Jr shortly entered.

Hugh Jr: So Aunt Luan, I can't tell if you're supposed to fall on your face after saying, "Ooops I did it again!" or before?

Lisa: Get out! There's a situation! Toxic, dangerous chemicals are everywhere!

Luan: I'll take care of this..

She turned to Hugh Jr.

Luan: So what was it again, Hugh Jr?

Hugh Jr: Are you supposed to fall on your face after saying, "Ooops I did it again!" or before?

Luan: Before, of course! After would just not make any franken sense!

Hugh Jr laughed at Luan's play-on words, while Lisa rolled her eyes.

Lisa (in head): I guess my plan didn't work.. Back to the drawing board...

Luan: Lisa, can I sleep in Hugh Jr's room tonight?

Lisa: I don't see why not.. He clearly loves you more than me...

Luan: Why would you think that? I'm only his aunt.. You actually gave birth to the kid!

Lisa: I know.. But ever since his project got rejected at the science fair, and you coming here, it seems he likes you more than me... Partly because I was the one to help him with his project..

Luan: I KNEW it! So YOU made a faulty project!

Lisa: I had NO idea the judge would hate cloning! He called it "inappropriate" for a middle school setting... And I did cloning ever since I was FOUR! Remember?

Luan: Yes. I remember.. That's too bad, too.. Hugh Jr has potential...

Lisa: I know!

Lisa then showed Luan out.

Luan: Well... I'll Ketchup with you tomorrow morning! Get it? Ketchup - catch up!?

Lisa: Unfortunately yes...

Lisa HAD to find a way to get rid of Luan.. And fast, before Hugh Jr becomes a smart-mouth comedian!

Lisa yawned.

Lisa: I guess I could finish this tomorrow...

She then went to sleep.

Tomorrow morning: Breakfast time.

Luan was making a pie.

Lisa came downstairs.

Lisa: Luan? Your making a PIE for breakfast?

Luan: It's not for breakfast! It's part of an act I wanted to show Hugh Jr!

Lisa: Stay away from my son! He needs to study so he can get a head start on NEXT year's science fair...

Luan: OKAY! I'm sorry! Have a cow!

Lisa: I will NOT have a cow! You've ruined everything since day 1! Literally! Ever since I was a baby to be precise!

Luan: I honestly didn't mean to ruin your life...

Lisa: Well.. You did.. And nothing you can do to fix it besides saying bye to me and my family forever!

Luan: But... Lisa, I'm your sister!

Lisa: Not anymore!

Luan: If you weren't such a kill-joy about everything, Lisa, I'd be more serious..

Lisa: I was NEVER a killjoy! I had fun! I've bent rules!

Luan: Oh yeah! Like when?

Lisa went through ALL her childhood memories..

Lisa: None that I can remember.. But I have a dark side!

Luan: Oh really!


Hugh Jr could overhear the sisters arguing from his room. He came downstairs in tears.

Lisa: Hugh Jr! What's the matter?

Hugh Jr: You two were fighting! Will Alicia and I end up like that?

Lisa: It's highly doubtful you and Alicia will end up like that.. Luan and I come from 2 VERY different worlds.. And, we get along sometimes... Siblings just fight sometimes, is all..

Luan: Yeah.. And Hugh Jr, if you need anything.. Give your aunt Luan a call!

Hugh Jr: Thanks!

Luan: Don't mention it!

Lisa: So it's safe to say... Goodbye..

Luan: Goodbye sis. I will try to not get in your way..

Lisa: And I'll try to have more fun...

The sisters then hugged.

Episode 7: Fake it Till You Make It Edit

Lisa had kept her promise to Luan to be more fun... Yet she was uber busy with everything related to science..

Just then, Alicia went in Lisa's room wanting advice.

Alicia: These two boys at school won't stop staring at me... They have this infatuation with me, that I just can't comprehend!

Lisa: Well... Just act you like them, then break their hearts when they want to move it further..

Alicia: Thanks mom! You are the best!

Hugh Jr walked by Alicia.

Alicia: You hear that, Hugh Jr, mom gives good advice!

Hugh Jr: Well then.. I definitely am having some problems...

Lisa: Come here.. What is it?

Hugh Jr: The principal wants EVERYONE to join a sports team.. But I'm not athletically inclined!

Lisa: It's something I can't help you with.. But your Aunt Lynn is an avid athlete.. She can help you find your sport...

Hugh Jr: And to think chess didn't count!

Lisa: That poor soul..

Hugh Jr: Well.. Thanks mom! I'll call aunt Lynn!

He exited the room.

Lisa: Now I need to get in my laboratory to get some REAL work done...

Meanwhile, at the elementary school.

Alicia (in head): So mom said to fake interest in those boys then break their hearts when it gets further... Okay.. here goes..

Just then, Ryan and Lucas noticed Alicia.

Lucas: Ryan, you know what Alicia's doing?

Ryan: No! Why don't we go and say hi!

Lucas: Splendid!

They walked up to Alicia.

Ryan: Lucas thinks you're pretty!

Lucas: Are you free tonight?

Alicia (in head): Here it goes...

Alicia then smiled a really flirty smile. She flipped her hair.

Alicia: OF COURSE BOYS! I would be HAPPY to go OUT with you!

Lucas: Splendid! My mom will call your mom!

Ryan: And Alicia, you'll take me tomorrow night?

Alicia: SURE!

Ryan & Lucas (in unison): SWEET!

They then headed towards the slides fist bumping and snickering.

Alicia had an evil smirk.

Alicia: This could really work to my advantage! Mom was right.. They WILL lay off!

Then as recess got over, Alicia went to the classroom.

Ryan and Lucas followed her.

Alicia turned and had her flirty smile.

Alicia: SOOOO.. Fancy meeting you here!

Ryan: It's kindergarten.. We go here all the time.

Lucas: YEAH!

Alicia (in head): It's working... It's working!

The kids then entered the classroom and began to work.

Just then, during lunch, Ryan and Lucas offered Alicia a seat with them.

Alicia, still playing her game, said yes.

Then at recess, Ryan offered to braid Alicia's hair while Lucas rubbed Alicia's feet.

Alicia, still playing her game, said yes.

School let out 1 hour later.

Lucas's mom, Lori came to pick him up, while Ryan's mom, Lucy came to pick him up.

Alicia (to herself): Well this has been fun... What mom said comes next is to break their hearts.. A bit cruel but it must be done!

Alicia went up to Lucas and Ryan.

Alicia: AND that is WHY I NEVER want to see you again!

Lori: What did you do Lucas?

Lucy: Sigh. Young love. Like me and Rocky... It all turned south, though as Rocky divorced me last year and I'm still depressed...

Lori: At least you still have a son! I don't even know who Lucas is anymore!

Alicia was continuing her rant.


Just then Lucas and Ryan burst into tears.

Alicia walked home with a smirk.

Alicia (to herself): Mom was right! This was fun!

She then ran all the way home with excitement.

Lisa noticed Alicia's giddy expression.

Alicia: I did it, mom! I took your advice, and it's safe to say, it'll work!

Lisa: I'm proud of you!

Hugh came in with Hugh Jr.

Hugh: Guess what Hugh Jr did...

Lisa: Join a sports team?

Hugh: Correct. He contacted Lynn and he found out he was good at badminton. A sport that was accepted in the gym handbook at his school.

Hugh Jr: It's not that hard! Just takes strategy! Just like chess!

Lisa: Congratulations!

1 day later.

At the elementary school playground.

Alicia (to herself): Now to see if my plan worked..

Ryan and Lucas were near the swing-sets.

Ryan: I cannot believe Alicia.. First she says she doesn't feel comfortable with our staring, then she loves it, then she HATES us!

Lucas: I think she needs a slice of Lucas one day!

Alicia overheard.

Alicia: I would NEVER want a slice of Lucas!

Alicia thought to herself. Is this what Aunt Lucy meant by karma?

Lucas: And to think... I thought I could be real around Alicia.. I want us to become high school sweethearts, just like my parents were!

Ryan: And I just wanted to see where it went.. She just doesn't like us anymore.

Alicia felt sad. Mom said it WOULD'NT make her feel sad, that making the boys squirm would be her special treat...

Alicia: You know what? I apologize.. My mom gave me some silly advice saying I had to pretend to like you, then break your hearts.. I just seriously didn't like you staring at me, was all..

Lucas: You serious? We had no idea you didn't like us staring at you!

Ryan: Yeah! We thought you thought it was cute! I guess not..

Alicia: And we could at least be good friends..

Lucas: True.

Ryan: I'd like that..

Alicia: Then it's a deal!

The three then high fived their new friendship.

The school day passed and it was time for Alicia to go home.

Lisa saw Alicia enter the door, with a frown.

Lisa: ALICIA! Did you make the boys squirm? Will you show me their tears?

Alicia: I did none of that. They agreed to not stare at me anymore... Thus for, we're good friends now..

Lisa: I'm proud? of you... Just promise me you'll be me and make SOMEBODY squirm? Like... your aunt Lola?

Alicia: Ha. I'll think of someone...

Lisa: That's good...

Episode 8: X Equals Y? Edit

When Alicia finally did make someone squirm, Lisa took her out for ice cream at her sibling's new chocolate themed restaurant.

As they got back, Hugh Jr got some news.

Hugh Jr: I just got accepted into a new calculus class!

Lisa: That's great! I'm happy for you!

Hugh Jr: And the best part is my favorite teacher, Ms. Cole is teaching the class!

Lisa: I'm happy for you!

Alicia: You don't really seem that happy for me, mom!

Lisa: Are you kidding me? We just went out for ice cream after you making a prank phone-call to Lincoln, thus messing with his mind....

Alicia: About that... I did no such thing...

Lisa: No? But what explains Lincoln's strongly worded e-mail saying, "Your daughter's a menace! She prank-called my house! My mind is completely messed up now!" Huh? What explains that?

Alicia: I don't know what uncle Lincoln was talking about.. Unless, YOU did that call, with my voice...

Lisa (with a sheepish grin): Nooooo.. Why would you think that?

Hugh Jr: So is NOBODY excited for my accomplishment?

Lisa: Of course we are!

Hugh Jr: The slight problem is, I'll need some tutoring...

Lisa: Why? I thought you were a genius when it came to calculus?

Hugh Jr: I am. But I'd like EXTRA help so I can really ace everything!

Lisa: Ah. Like mother like son.. Of course I'll help you!

Hugh Jr: Thanks!

Lisa: Don't mention it!

5 hours later.

Hugh Jr: The tutoring really helped, mom! Thanks!

Lisa: No problem! Anything for my brightest kid!

1 day later.

At the middle school.

Hugh Jr went into his calculus class.

Ms. Cole: How nice it is to see HUGH JR here on such a momentous occasion!

Hugh Jr: Yeah.. I always take pride in learning!

Ms. Cole: There's a seat up front next to Lonnie.

Hugh Jr sat down.

Hugh Jr: Lonnie? You're in this class? I thought you hated math!

Lonnie: I do. When my parents found out I was failing math, they forced me to take this class to raise my credits...

Hugh Jr: I could have tutored you! My mom AND dad could have!

Lonnie: That's nice...

Just then, Ms. Cole started with the first lesson.

Lonnie: Hugh, I need to borrow a pencil..

Hugh Jr gave Lonnie his extra pencil.

Lonnie: Thanks!

The lesson went on for 2 hours until school officially let out.

Hugh Jr went home with satisfaction.

Lisa: Sooooooo... How was it?

Hugh Jr: It was neat!

Lisa: NEAT? What did you learn?

Hugh Jr: Ah. Not much I didn't know already... You were right mom, school CAN be a snooze-fest when you already know everything they teach!

Lisa: Ah... Like mother like son, I guess.

Hugh Jr: Yes. YOU knew everything your school had to teach?

Lisa: Correct. It was especially hard in Kindergarten when I was 4 and doing science and the other kids were just counting inane monkeys on a book...

Hugh Jr: So it was tough on you, too?

Lisa: Yes. Until, later that year, I got to transfer to your uncle Lincoln's 5th grade class.... And then graduated with Luna when she finished school.

Hugh Jr: Remarkable!

Lisa: Isn't it?

Hugh Jr: And now I gotta study for a big test.. I'll be down for dinner!

Lisa: Okay!

Hugh Jr then went in his room and began to study.

He answered all the questions in the textbook with such precision.

Hugh Jr: I don't need to study ALL this! This test will be a piece of cake!

He then went in his lab and worked on his latest concoctions.

Lisa then hollered up for him for dinner.

Hugh Jr: I'M COMING!

He then rushed downstairs in time for dinner.

Lisa: Introducing..... CARROT CAKE!

Hugh: Are you serious? Tomorrow, I'm cooking!

Lisa: Oookay, whatever you say!

They then ate their meal very quietly.

Hugh Jr asked to be excused so he can study more on his test.

Lisa: Of course you can, sweetie.

Hugh Jr went back to his room.

He wasn't REALLY going to study on his test.. He knew just about everything..

Instead, he took out his experiment he was working on, then snuck out the window.

He was going to show it to his aunt Lily. She always liked his mom's experiments... So she definitely will like HIS experiments.

Meanwhile, at Lily's apartment.

She was watching cute baby videos on her computer when Hugh Jr rang her doorbell.

Lily: I'm coming, I'm coming!

Hugh Jr: Surprise!

Lily: Aw! It's Hugh Jr... What brings you here?

Hugh Jr: I have an experiment... I'll need YOU as a test subject.

Lily: Okay! That was always the highlight of my childhood, watching your mom do strange experiments then using me as a test subject... It was mighty strange when I was a baby, but she made it work anyways...

Hugh Jr then got out his experiment. It was a patented dinner pill.

Lily: That's great! Considering I hadn't eaten yet.

Lily swallowed the pill.

She could feel all the meals coming down her esophagus.

Lily: That was delicious! What meal was that?

Hugh Jr: It was sushi! Mom stated Aunt Lori liked it as a teen...

Lily: She did... She just NEVER tried it though.. Strange..

Hugh Jr: I'll say.

Just then, Hugh Jr left and went back home.

Lisa came upstairs looking for him.

Lisa: I know you might be busy... But we should talk...

Hugh Jr snuck in his room, then sat at his desk.

Lisa entered his room.

Lisa: Look at my busy boy!

Lisa ruffled up his hair.

Hugh Jr: MOM!

Lisa: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'd better get back to work!

Hugh Jr: Okay. Enjoy!

Then 1 day passed, and it was time for school.

Hugh Jr went to his calculus class.

He aced the test, but Lonnie didn't look too happy.

Lonnie: I FAILED!

She showed Hugh Jr a paper with the letter F on it.

Hugh Jr (in head): Now would probably be a bad time to show her what I got...

He then hid his A graded paper.

Hugh Jr: Don't worry, Lonnie... You can come by my house and we can study...

Lonnie: You mean it?

Hugh Jr: Definitely!

5 hours later.

Lonnie came over.

Lisa: And you must be Lonnie. Hugh Jr has told me about you...

Hugh Jr: Now we REALLY need to get some work done!

Lonnie: Okay! And might I say, Mrs. Loud, your house looks SPLENDID!

Lisa: Why thank you!

Hugh Jr: We seriously NEED to get some work done!

He and Lonnie then went up to his room.

Lonnie: So this. Is your room?

Hugh Jr: It's a little messy, but we can easily study in here.

Lonnie was more fixated on the walk-in closet. She noticed a button.

Lonnie: What's this button do?

Hugh Jr: NO! That's-

Lonnie pushed it, opening up Hugh Jr's secret laboratory.

Hugh Jr: Well, I guess the cat's outta the bag..

Lonnie: What cat? Sorry, you don't want me to go in here?

Hugh Jr: It's my own secret lab. Not even my own parents know about it... Not even my sister!

Lonnie: Ah. I see... Can we study in here, though?

Hugh Jr: I guess so... Just don't touch anything.

Lonnie: I won't!

After many minutes of studying, Lonnie went home.

Lonnie: Thanks for tutoring me, Hugh.

Hugh Jr: No problem!

Then 1 day passed.

At school:

Hugh Jr was in his calculus class when Ms. Cole had an announcement.

Ms. Cole: And to the best students in this class.. Hugh Jr AND Lonnie, you will be graduating from this course, and will be accepted into an advanced physics class!

Hugh Jr: OOOOOOO! Sweet!

Lonnie: I don't know about this... I literally know NOTHING about physics!

Hugh Jr: You have LOTS to learn then...

Episode 9: Huonnie or Logh? Edit

When Hugh Jr invited Lonnie over to study for the physics class, Lisa noticed a spark.

She called up Lincoln, the dad of Lonnie.

Lisa: I think our kids are really hitting it off! They should totally date!

Lincoln: I dunno... I think Lonnie's FAR cooler than Hugh Jr...

Lisa: ARE you KIDDING me? Hugh Jr's the coolest kid known!

Lincoln: Well in that case, they should totally date!

Lisa: Right... Hugh Jr's a little younger than Lonnie, but age is but a number! I got married to Hugh at 19, while he was 30!

Lincoln: I know... A bit weird... But it WAS true love, so I can't hold it against you!

Lisa: Right?

Lisa hung up the phone. Hugh Jr came towards Lisa.

Hugh Jr: So mom, who was that?

Lisa: That was your uncle Lincoln... He wants you and Lonnie to get together.... And he knows the perfect place... Loud's Chocolateria, of course!

Hugh Jr (in head): Mom's chocolate restaurant... Of course.. There HAS to be an ulterior motive between her and uncle Lincoln...

Hugh Jr: No tricks?

Lisa smirked briefly, then stopped.

Lisa: Nooo.. No tricks.. Just fun between friends!

Hugh Jr: Uh okay! Wait till I tell Lonnie!

Hugh Jr rushed back to the living room where he and Lonnie were studying.

Lisa evilly chuckled to herself.

Lisa (to herself): My plan is going perfectly! Soon, they'll be in love!

4 hours later.

Lisa was getting ready for the get-together with Lonnie and Lincoln. She needed to wear her work attire so Hugh Jr and Lonnie won't suspect Lisa being there...

She went downstairs.

Hugh Jr: So. You're going to work at the hospital, tonight?

Lisa: Of course! I'll drop you and Lonnie off at the restaurant while Lincoln does his comic books and I work at the hospital.. That's okay, is it?

Hugh Jr: It's just... I've NEVER been alone with a girl.. Especially an older one like Lonnie... What do I do? What do I say? Will you be there for me in spirit?

Lisa: I'll be closer than you think. No worries! You'll do great!

Hugh Jr wondered.. Closer than he thinks? Will mom actually COME to the restaurant, thus ruining everything - him planning to study with Lonnie there, and that's it?

Hugh Jr called up Lonnie.

Hugh Jr: I think our parents are planning on coming to the restaurant...

Lonnie: Really? Dad said he wanted to go to a comic book shop to pick up some comics for inspiration for his latest comics!

Hugh Jr: Well.. Mom dressed in her lab coat for the hospital, but we ALL know when she smiles like that, she's hiding something!

Lonnie: I see what you mean.. Dad actually ran his fingers through his hair! Who does that, unless their hiding something?!

Hugh Jr: Well, I'll see you at the restaurant.. Mom's orders..

Lonnie: Okay. Meet you there!

2 hours later: At the restaurant

Hugh Jr and Lonnie walked in the restaurant.

Lily was their waitress.

Lily: What can I get you two today?

Hugh Jr: A chocolate shake.

Lonnie: What he said.

Lily: Okay! Do you prefer ONE big milkshake with 2 straws, or each separately...

Hugh Jr: Each separately.. This isn't a date..

On cue, Lisa snuck in to give Lily a note.

It read: This is a date... Don't listen to what Hugh Jr says.. They ARE in Love!

Lily: Well.. I better give you one big milkshake with 2 straws... Boss's orders...

Hugh Jr: Uh. Okay...

Lily: Right this way.

She pointed to a little table for two.

Lily: Enjoy!

Lisa stealth-fully snuck into the kitchen where they were making the shakes..

Lisa (in head): I'd better get paid for this...

She switched the orders of the married couple that ordered to Lucy about a huge milkshake with 2 straws, and what Hugh Jr ordered.

She went to Lynn.

Lisa: LYNN. I need you to give my son, Hugh Jr, this milkshake...

Lynn: Why me? I'm on my break!

Lisa: YOU do what I tell you, or you're fired!

Lynn: From the job or the family?

Lisa: BOTH if you don't move it!

Lynn: Okay, okay!

Lynn then handed Hugh Jr and Lonnie the milkshakes.

Lisa (to herself): Mission accomplished...

Then she went underneath the table to see what Hugh Jr and Lonnie were talking about.

Hugh Jr: And that is how you solve for X!

Hugh Jr saw the milkshakes.

Hugh Jr: WHAT? I didn't order this!

Lisa snickered from underneath the table.

Lonnie: I honestly don't mind sharing.. It's faster..

Hugh Jr: Says YOU! You're failing math! It's much, much faster when we drink them separately!

Lisa's smirk turned into a frown.

Lisa (in head): Not how my plan was supposed to be going...

Lisa then grabbed a napkin, scribbled a romantic saying she said to Hugh on her wedding day.

It said: I love you to the moon and back. Will you consider a nice hug? Science dictates we should be together.

Lisa then crumpled the napkin in a ball and threw it towards Hugh Jr.

Hugh Jr got the napkin.

Hugh Jr: How'd this get here?

Lonnie grabbed it.

She uncrumbled it.

Lonnie: AW! Hugh! You shouldn't had!

She hugged Hugh Jr.

Hugh Jr: Uh. I really didn't...

Lonnie: OF COURSE you did! You big softie!

Hugh Jr: I really didn't! That's not my handwriting! I mean, who dots their I's with pi symbols OTHER than my mom? Huh?

That's when it hit him..

He came towards the table Lisa was ducked under.

Hugh Jr found Lisa.

Hugh Jr: Ah HA! I KNEW I'd find YOU here!

Lisa: Busted...

Hugh Jr: Uh huh! Busted!

Lisa: I didn't -

Hugh Jr: And to think.. You wanted ME and LONNIE to date? That's just ludicrous! No way do we have IT, you know? And dating is SOOOOO overrated! I need to know why you did this!

Lisa: OKAY! Fine.. I saw you and Lonnie together and I thought you looked cute together... I guess I was wrong.

Lincoln then entered.

Lincoln: So, Lonnie, are you ready to go?

Lonnie: Uh... Can't Hugh and I finish up? He was being SO sweet towards me! He loves me!

Lincoln: He loves you, eh?

Lonnie: Uh huh! And I think I like him too!

Lincoln (whispered to Lisa): I think our plan worked...

Lisa nodded.

Hugh Jr heard that.

Hugh Jr: YOU, uncle Lincoln was also behind this? Unbelievable!

Lincoln: It's not what it looks like.. I was worried, since it wasn't too long ago until Lonnie's ex-boyfriend cheated on her with the head cheerleader, that.. Well.. I wanted a nice, smart guy to be with Lonnie.. And that's when your mother called asking if you would be interested in her, since she's seen Lonnie and you study.. A lot. And you were the one who helped raise Lonnie's grade from an F to a B, practically overnight!

Hugh Jr: That's nice, I guess... But why?

Lisa: Because Lonnie's grateful for you... She loves what you did for her, so in conclusion, she loves you!

Hugh Jr: Okay.. I've had a crush on Lonnie since day 1, when she helped me with my locker... I guess we would make a cute couple!

Lisa: See what I told you! It comes in unlikely packages... Your dad was once TERRIFIED of me, as I was so infatuated with him... But he grew to like that...

Hugh Jr: I guess I auta stop assuming the worst of EVERY girl... I don't like the way the girls back in elementary school treated me when they found out I was going to middle school. They were downright mean!

Lisa: That was just some jealous snobs...

Hugh Jr: Your daughter Alicia, and Ashley were one of them...

Lisa: Unbelievable!

Hugh Jr: I know! That's why I usually kept my distance around girls.. I don't want to get hurt anymore...

Lisa (to Lonnie): You wouldn't hurt Hugh Jr, would you?

Lonnie: NO! I love him! He's so smart, he's helped me through a lot!

Lisa (to Hugh Jr): See, I told you!

They then all went home.

Episode 10: Impossibly Possible! Edit

Lisa had felt good about Hugh Jr and Lonnie hitting it off. Until.

She got an e-mail saying she was accepted for a job at NASA.

Lisa (to herself): There's no way I can work at NASA! A bunch of commitments I can't break!

She went downstairs to tell her family the news, who were sitting in the living room watching a funny movie.

Lisa turned off the TV.

Alicia: MOM! What gives! We were watching that!

Lisa: My apologies, but I have to tell you some news...

Hugh: What is it, sweetie?

Lisa: Well.. I've just got accepted to work at NASA...

Hugh Jr: That's fantastic!

Lisa: Is it? Since I have to literally MOVE to Outer Space! It's an astronaut job, as well...

Hugh: I'll keep the house together, honey.

Lisa: It's not YOU I'm worried about.. It's my siblings.. They were always super jealous of me since day 1; literally!

Hugh Jr: Can I break the news to them?

Lisa: It's best coming from me...

Alicia: And what will happen to us?

Lisa: You'll still live with Hugh.. He'll have to step up and take care of you.

Hugh: And I'm not positive how you do it... Especially with Hugh Jr. You are so good with him!

Lisa: I know.. Don't worry. You guys share the same name.. I would expect you find more in common...

Hugh Jr: Dad, I was wondering if I could use your special mousse for my experiments..

Hugh: I'd rather you didn't..

Hugh Jr: See mom, I can't live with ONLY him!

Lisa: I'll figure something out..

Lisa then went upstairs.

In her special laboratory:

Lisa picked up her phone. She called the number NASA sent on the email.

Lisa finally reached them.

NASA official: Hello. How may I help you?

Lisa: Yes. This is Lisa Loud. About the job position? How long will it be?

NASA official: Oh only a few weeks.. You're a perfect substitute for Bernie, who broke his leg.

Lisa: Perfect. Thank you!

Lisa hung up.

Lisa then went downstairs with satisfaction. The kids and Hugh continued their movie.

Lisa turned it off again.

Hugh Jr: MOM! Seriously! We were at the best part!

Alicia: YEAH!

Lisa: HOLD IT! I was just coming down for good news!

Hugh Jr: Like?

Alicia: You're not going to NASA, after all?

Lisa: Incorrect. I still am going... It just WON'T be a full-time gig. It's just to substitute for some simpleton who broke his leg.. I mean... How can you break your leg in space?

Hugh: So I WON'T have to worry about anything..

Lisa: Correct. Cause you'll have me on speed-dial. If anything goes wrong... Call me, and I can tell you what to do.

Hugh: Swell!

Lisa: Well, I best be on my way!

Hugh's eyes bugged out.

Hugh: You're leaving right now?

Lisa: Of course! It takes me 50.42 minutes to get there!

Hugh: I don't know about this... What am I supposed to make for dinner?

Lisa: A chocolate souffle would be nice...

Hugh: I don't think so... No worries. I have an idea...

Lisa then left.

Hugh: Okay... So NO chocolate souffle... Just lets see..

He rummaged through the fridge.

Hugh: Ah ha! Good old fashioned hamburgers!

Hugh Jr: YUM!

Alicia: Sweet!

As Hugh was making the hamburgers, Lisa was on her way to NASA, until her car broke down.

She called the only person she knew who know to fix cars for help,

Lisa: Lana! I need your help! My car's stuck, and I NEED your help!

Lana, listening intently, gasped.

Lana: I'm on my way!

2 minutes passed, and Lana arrived in her tow truck.

Lana: No worries! I'll bring this car to the shop, and it will be done in a jiffy!

Lisa: WHAT? I need to be at NASA in 6.2 minutes!

Lana was already on her way, towing the car and everything.

Lisa: UGH!

Thankfully, she was near Lola's estate. It was within walking distance.

Lisa finally got to Lola's place.

Lisa rang the doorbell.

Lola: What do YOU want?

Lisa: I need you to drive me to the NASA offices!

Lola: GROSS! Do it yourself!

Lisa (in head): Oh how I would LOVE to annihilate her!

Lisa: I can't! My car broke down and your TWIN is trying to fix it! Do you have any spare cars?

Lola: Of course I do! I'm not an animal!

Lisa rolled her eyes at that comment and followed Lola to her garage.

Lola: Take your pick.

She looked at a bunch of expensive looking cars. There was a green SUV in the corner that suit her fancy.

Lisa pointed to it.

Lisa: That one!

Lola: That dump? Take it.. For a price..

Lisa: How much?

Lola: 100 dollars!

Lisa gasped.

Lisa: I don't have -

Lola: THEN forget going to NASA!

Lisa: FINE!

Lucky for Lisa, she saved for this.

She handed Lola a crisp 100 dollar bill.

Lola: Eeee! Thanks! Your keys are right here.

Lola handed Lisa the keys.

Lisa: THANKS! Bye!

Lisa took the car out of the garage and hit the road.

Meanwhile, at the house.

Hugh Jr: I need help with this science project...

Hugh: And?

Hugh Jr: Mom usually helps with it!

Hugh: Okay.. What do you need help with?

Hugh Jr wrote down a long equation.

Hugh: Ah.. So there are a few inconsistencies..

Hugh Jr: I KNOW! Which is why I need you to point out what they are, so I can fix them!

Hugh: Okay..

He pointed out the equation that had too many X's, and another one with not enough X's.

Hugh Jr: Thanks a million!

Just then, Alicia wanted help

Alicia: Dad, I need help with MY homework.

She handed Hugh a coloring page.

Hugh: That's it?

Alicia: Yeah.. I'm not a very good colorer.. I need some assistance. Mom once said if I needed her help to ask her for anything.

Hugh: Well, I'm here now.. I think I can help.

After Hugh helped Alicia with the coloring page, it was time for bed.


Lisa finally got to NASA.. 30 minutes too late.

NASA official: What took you so long?

Lisa: My car broke down and had to BUY a car from my sister!

NASA official: Okay, lets get you up into space!

Lisa: Okay!

She went up into space, did her job up there for a little while.

5 weeks later:

Lisa returned home.

Lisa: It went well! Very well!

Hugh: That's good!

Alicia: I learned to color - thanks to dad!

Hugh Jr: And who knew dad is good at science!

Lisa: I'm glad you had fun!

Episode 11: The Long Winter Edit

Ever since Lisa returned home from NASA, Hugh has been a major help.

Hugh: Lisa, promise you won't ever leave us again?

Lisa: I'll be here as long as possible.

Hugh: That's nice.

Just then, Hugh Jr came rushing in the room.

Hugh Jr: IT'S Snowing!

Lisa: It is?

Hugh Jr: YES!

Hugh Jr opened up the window.

There was 600 feet of snow outside.

Lisa: How in the world am I supposed to get to the hospital now?

Hugh Jr: More importantly, HOW AM I GOING TO GET TO SCHOOL?

Lisa: When I was a kid, and commonly there were snow days EVERY winter, I would melt the snow with my special salt.... Much to my sibling's dismay..

Hugh Jr: But we're locked inside! There's no way we can get salt and spray it all over the roads now!

Lisa: This may be harder than I thought! We'd go crazy!

Hugh: Correction.. We have NO food.. I forgot to go to the store yesterday...

Lisa: LENI wouldn't even forget food! What happened?

Hugh: A class at the college ran late...

Lisa: Ah.

Just then, Alicia came rushing in.

Alicia: Did you see it out there? SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa: I am well aware. To think my daughter likes such tedium as a snow day...

Alicia: YEAH! I love snow-days! Gives me time to think and watch TV!

Suddenly the power flickered off.

Lisa: I guess you won't be watching TV...

Alicia: Yeah.. I feel crummy now... Some snow-day!

Lisa: On more important news... My lab needs electricity!

She then rushed to her lab.

It was all a mess. Her chemicals all spilled and the beakers got broken.

Lisa burst into tears.

Lisa: My life's work... RUINED!

Hugh Jr came in and noticed Lisa's down expression.

Hugh Jr: It's going to be okay, mom! I'll fix it all!

Lisa: HOW? You needed electricity to power up the cloning machine... And the cloning machine produces new clones so the clones can help me with science AND my microscope also runs on electricity!

Hugh Jr: I had no idea..

Lisa: Of course you didn't...

Hugh Jr: No worries! My lab runs on battery power.. Not electricity!

Lisa: That's good.. I guess. What would that have to do with my lab, though?

Hugh Jr: I'll show you.

Hugh Jr led Lisa to his room.

Hugh Jr: I've literally NEVER shown my lab to anyone... Minus Aunt Luan and Lonnie..

Lisa: Aaaannd... How is that supposed to help me?

Hugh Jr: I made some concoctions.. An energy transference, to be precise.. It's supposed to bring the electricity back to the house!

Lisa: Splendid!

Hugh Jr: Isn't it?

He then did his work by re-routing the electric system with his concoction.

The lights, TV, and everything all turned on.

Hugh Jr: Done.

Lisa: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

She hugged Hugh Jr.

Hugh Jr: Mom! You never hug me!

Lisa: Sorry... You just outdid yourself! Better than I could do.. Maybe this snow day won't be so bad after all..

Hugh Jr: Perhaps... But we still have no food...

Lisa: Oh. I'll take care of that!

Lisa then ran to her lab.

She created 7 patented nutrient replacement pills.

Lisa handed them each to her family, plus left some for herself.

Lisa: This will take care of your basic meals... I made chocolate cereal for breakfast, sushi for lunch, and fried chicken for dinner!

Hugh Jr ate the breakfast pill.

Hugh Jr: YUM! Tastes like the real thing! Thanks mom!

Lisa: Don't mention it!

Hugh didn't touch the breakfast pill.

Lisa: I forgot. You don't really like the chocolate cereal one...

Lisa then went to her lab.

She came out with a scrambled eggs pill.

She handed the scrambled eggs pill to Hugh.

Hugh: Thanks!

He swallowed the scrambled eggs pill.

Hugh: You're a genius! You really should sell these!

Lisa: I will. Just once this snow day gets done with!

4 hours later: Lunch time.

The kids were starving.

Hugh Jr: MOM! I need that lunch pill now!

Alicia: YEAH!

Lisa: Okay! Here it is.

She handed it to them.

They gobbled it up.

Lisa: Good isn't it? It's sushi!

Hugh Jr: Yes!

Alicia: Very good!

Lisa then ate her lunch pill.

Lisa: It is delicious.

4 more hours later: Dinner time

The family then awaited Lisa's dinner pill.

Hugh Jr: When will she get the pill! I'm starving!

Alicia: YEAH!

Hugh: No worries. Just be patient.

Lisa came rushing in with the fried chicken pill.

Lisa: Here it is! Fried chicken!

She threw 3 pills towards Hugh Jr, Alicia, and Hugh.

She then gobbled up the fourth pill as the rest swallowed theirs.

Hugh Jr: That was GREAT!

Alicia: Yeah!

Lisa then turned on the TV.

The meteorologist stated there was no more snow.. That the snow day was over!

The family then cheered!

Lisa: I guess that's it. School day, tomorrow!

Episode 12: Love Stinks! Edit

When the kids returned back to school, Hugh Jr was excited to see his girlfriend Lonnie again.

He got to school, but Lonnie didn't show up by his locker like she usually does.

He looked for her. She was in the girls bathroom, laughing with her friends.

Lonnie: I can't believe I would ever think of dating that loser!

Friend 1: Which one?

She saw Hugh Jr watching them and pointed towards him.

Lonnie: That one...

Hugh Jr ran away crying.

He went near the teachers room.

Ms. Cole came out shortly, with concern.

Ms. Cole: Hugh Jr, are you okay?

Hugh Jr: I'm sooo humiliated! I NEED the day off!

Ms. Cole: What happened?

Hugh Jr: Lonnie said I was a loser and that she wouldn't date me anymore!!!!

Ms. Cole: While I can't help you there... I can call your parents. One of them can come pick you up. Are you sure you wanna leave though?

Hugh Jr: Positive. Lonnie's in all my classes.. I can't risk looking at her today, now that I've known this!

Ms. Cole then went back into the teachers room.

In there, she reached for the payphone and dialed Lisa's number.

Meanwhile, at the hospital...

Lisa was getting done with a patient when she heard the phone ring.

Lisa picked it up and gasped.

Lisa: I'll be right there!

Moments later, Lisa showed up.

Lisa came rushing to Hugh Jr.

Lisa: MY BABY!!! Who did this to you?

Hugh Jr: Lonnie. That's who.. She said she DOESN'T like me anymore! You're close to her dad... Tell HIM what she said!

Lisa: I don't think I can do that. But I can bring you home. We'll talk more there.

Moments later, Hugh Jr and Lisa arrived home.

Lisa and Hugh Jr went up to Hugh Jr's room.

Lisa: So... Let me get this straight... Lonnie said she DOESN'T like you... Called you a loser... Thus leaving you humiliated and heartbroken?

Hugh Jr: That's right.

Lisa: She's got some nerve...

Hugh Jr: I know! Will you get her back?

Lisa: I don't think that will be necessary... In a girl's point of view, she probably felt pressured to say mean things about you... What's her social status like?

Hugh Jr: Well, she's the most popular girl in school...

Lisa: Exactly.. Probably, among her friends, she said she WASN'T interested in you, that she thinks your a loser; but deep down, she cares for you... Why don't you call her and ask her if that's true?

Hugh Jr: I will! Thanks mom!

Hugh Jr dialed Lonnie's number.

She hung up, leaving Hugh Jr devastated..

Lisa: You know, she could still be with her friends. It's still early...

Hugh Jr: Sigh... I know...

5 hours later....

Lisa: Why don't you try now?

Hugh Jr then dialed Lonnie's number again.

Lonnie answered, much to Hugh Jr's delight.

Lonnie (on phone): Hugh... What is it?

Hugh Jr: I overheard you in the bathroom, calling me a loser and saying you'd never date me.. Is it true?

Lonnie (on phone): I only said that to get Stephanie off my back... She's jealous of our relationship... She likes the smart guys, too, and you're the one she has a crush on...

Hugh Jr (sarcastically): Really... Like I'm falling for THAT!

Lonnie (on phone): Really! It's true... I DO care for you...

Hugh Jr: Thanks! That's all I needed to hear!

Lonnie (on phone): Yeah! See you at school!

Hugh Jr hung up.

Lisa: Sooooooooo... What did she say?

Hugh Jr: She actually DOES like me... It's just her shallow friend Stephanie does too, and she told a white lie so she won't hurt her friend... BUT.. She hurt me in the process, and I can't accept that..

Lisa: I guess maybe NOT every relationship is meant to be... Heck, even Hugh and I had struggles in the beginning... I actually did the same thing Lonnie did to get my sisters, who also LOVED Hugh off my back..

Hugh Jr: Really? Did it work?

Lisa: Duh! You wouldn't be here if it didn't!!

Hugh Jr: And just think, maybe someday I'LL marry Lonnie...

Lisa: Who knows... Who knows..

Episode 13: The Science House! Edit

Next morning, everything was going well for Hugh Jr.

He was doing some experiments in his laboratory.

Hugh Jr: If I mix these chemicals here, the whole house will explode... But if I mix THESE two chemicals, it will make a nice fruit smoothie...

Alicia came barging into Hugh Jr's lab.

Alicia: What does THIS do?

Alicia mixed the chemicals that made the house explode.

Hugh Jr: I've been compromised...

Suddenly, Lisa and Hugh came rushing upstairs.

Lisa; HUGH JR! What have I told you about making the house explode?

Hugh Jr: It was Alicia!

Alicia: No it wasn't! I don't even do science!

Hugh: I know you don't.. So let's get you cleaned up...

Alicia turned around briefly, smirking at Hugh Jr evilly.

Hugh Jr: MOM! Did you see that?

Lisa: See what, dear?

Hugh Jr: Alicia played me, that's what!

Lisa (in head): Since Hugh Jr is usually very honest.. I must believe him... But to be sure, I will construct a lie detector..

Lisa then went to her secret lab.

Lisa was in there for quite a while, but she finally did it. She made a lie detector! One that can easily fit in her pocket so nobody can suspect she's using it!

Lisa then went back to Hugh Jr's room.

She turned the lie detector on.

Lisa: Hugh Jr.. It's understood that Alicia played you?

Hugh Jr: Like a game of chess... Yes she did.

The lie detector vibrated in Lisa's pocket. That means Hugh Jr's telling the truth.

Lisa: Excellent.. I'll have a word with Alicia.

Hugh Jr: Thanks! I can always count on you!

Lisa then went to Alicia's room. She was coloring a picture.

Lisa: Is it true, Alicia, that you played a trick on your brother?

Alicia: Yes... I admit it.

Lisa's lie detector vibrated again.

Lisa: I'm proud of you then!

Alicia: Wait.. Proud of me? So you're not mad?

Lisa: Of course not! I ALWAYS played tricks on my siblings...

Alicia: You did?

Lisa: Yeah.. Still to this day, Lily can't find her favorite purple blanket from when she was a baby... I shredded it when she wouldn't stop crying during the night..

Alicia: MEAN! I love!

Lisa: I know!

Lisa then went back to Hugh Jr's room with invigoration.

Hugh Jr: So... Did you talk to Alicia?

Lisa: I sure did....

Hugh Jr: And?

Lisa: Well.. I'm not so sure.. I need to get back to work at my lab.

Hugh Jr: Okay!

Lisa then left.

Hugh Jr: Now where was I... Oh yeah.. I need to make a new science fair project since my last one got rejected.

Meanwhile, in Lisa's lab.

Lisa: I need to modify the lie detector, so if I lie, no one will suspect it.. Not even the lie detector!

Lisa laughed maniacally at her plan.

Meanwhile, in Hugh Jr's lab.

Hugh Jr: So ONE thing I need to make isn't a cloning machine... But instead a hair growth formula! Many teachers at my school are bald, so this is a guaranteed win!

Meanwhile, in the kitchen.

Alicia: Is it time for dinner, yet daddy?

Hugh: Well, yes. But your mother and Hugh Jr are still not done with their experiments.. I will check on them..

Alicia: I'll check on Hugh Jr.. You check on mom!

Hugh: Splendid idea!

Just then, Alicia went to Hugh Jr's lab.

Hugh Jr screamed.

Hugh Jr: ALICIA! Please don't ruin everything!

Alicia: I won't! But it's dinner time!

Hugh Jr: I mustn't eat this moment.. I have to finish up my experiment.

Meanwhile, in Lisa's lab.

Hugh walked in.

Lisa was laughing maniacally.

Hugh: Uh.. Lis... You think you're going too far with this science stuff?

Lisa: NEVER!

Hugh: Because it's dinner time... And usually YOU cook for us...

Lisa tossed 3 nutrition supplement pills she invented at Hugh.

Lisa: Here! Feed them this! It's fried calamari!

Hugh: Uh.. I'd rather make REAL fried calamari than give them some pills that..

Hugh ate a fried calamari pill.

Hugh: That taste exactly like the real thing!

Lisa: I knew it. Proceeding with my experiments...

Hugh then went down to the kitchen. Alicia was there, waiting for dinner.

Hugh: Sorry Alicia.. This is what we're having.

He handed Alicia Lisa's meal replacement pill.

Alicia: Man! That's bogus!

Alicia swallowed the pill.

Alicia: Eh. Still tastes good.. She did fried calamari?

Hugh: Yes.

Just then, Hugh went up to Hugh Jr's room.

Hugh: You might be hungry.. Your mom made a meal replacement pill...

Hugh Jr: I LOVE those! Thanks dad!

Then 6 hours later, Lisa and Hugh Jr were doing more experiments...

Hugh called them to the living room for a family meeting.

Lisa: Why'd you bring us down here? I was in the middle of creating an itching powder to put in Lola's pillows...

Hugh Jr: And I was in the middle of my science fair project!

Hugh: That's exactly what I wanted to talk to you about.. Your science is neglecting this whole family...

Alicia: YEAH! Hugh Jr, I remember I used to be able to spend TONS of time with you! Lately, you've been ignoring me, so I had to resort to tricking you earlier!

Hugh Jr: I'm sorry if I've been busy, sis.. I just needed to find the perfect project for my science fair.

Lisa: And Hugh, I love science... I have ever since I was a kid!

Hugh: That may be, but it's neglecting the family... We couldn't eat dinner because of you... You gave us some non-filling meal replacement pills... And we're still hungry!

Lisa: FINE! I'll go get some take-out.

Lisa then went to Burpin burger and got 4 extra large hamburgers and fries.

She then came back with the meal.

Lisa: Enjoy!

Hugh: Thanks!

Hugh Jr: Thanks mom!

Alicia: You rock!

Lisa (to herself): Looks like my work here's done...

Episode 14: Alicia Turns 6! Edit

On Alicia's birthday, she was ecstatic! She was turning 6! Practically an adult!

Alicia went downstairs for her special birthday breakfast Lisa usually makes.

Lisa, Hugh, and Hugh Jr (in unison): SURPRISE!

Alicia saw the room covered with presents, cake and her favorite breakfast food; pancakes!

Alicia squealed.

Alicia: YOU GUYS!

Lisa: And later this afternoon, your aunt Lola will visit with her daughter Ashley... You know Ashley, don't you?

Alicia: SHE WILL? That's #2 on my birthday wish list!

Lisa: I'm glad you're happy!

Alicia then ate her breakfast and unwrapped all the presents.

She got a talking dog plush toy, a cell phone, and 5 Harry Potter books (which were Lisa's favorite series as a child)

Alicia: Thanks! That means a lot!

6 hours later:

The doorbell rang.

It was Lola.

Lisa: LOLA! Glad you could make it!

She hugged Lola.

Lola: Uhhh.. Thanks... I heard there was cake.. The beauty queen needs her cake...

Lisa: Uhh. Right this way.

Ashley entered beside Lola, also wanting cake.

Lisa: And you must be Ashley. Alicia's told me about you.

Ashley: Thanks? But I am craving cake too.. (to Lola) Mom, you told me aunt Lisa had a million dollars!

Lola: NO! I said she had a million EXPERIMENTS...

Lisa: That is correct, though. I actually had more, but your aunt Lynn wrecked them all when I was a kid...

Ashley: That's too sad...

Lisa: Isn't it?

Then Alicia came running in.

Alicia: ASHLEY! You wanna see my new toys!

Ashley: Sure!

While Alicia and Ashley were playing with her toys, Lisa and Lola caught up in the living room.

Lola: And yet, I can't believe how you managed to clone me!

Lisa: Ugh! I know! And I can't believe how you managed to call the police every time I dissected one of Lana's silly little pets!

Lola: I regret everything about being a tattletale! Will you just forget about that?

Lisa: I try. It's just permanently etched into my brain for all eternity..

Lola: I still always loved you though, even if your poop studies drove me crazy...

Lisa: Poop studies? Really? I gave that up when I was 11, and found how inane that was! Let that go, too!

Lola: Ugh.. I try.. It's just THAT'S etched in my brain!

Lisa: Ah.. Good times...

3 hours later.

Lisa gathered up Hugh, Hugh Jr, Lola, and Ashley to sing a happy birthday song to Alicia.

Lola, however, had other plans..

Lola: Lisa, I'm sorry, but Ashley and I MUST get our daily pedicure! We hadn't had one today!

Lisa: And miss Alicia's birthday? Heck no!

Ashley: I'm sorry, Alicia... Mom's orders.

Alicia: Are you serious?

Ashley: I am!

Lola and Ashley then left.

Lisa: And to think I wanted to give Alicia a special day... But no... That LOLA had to ruin it for everyone!

Hugh: Well, I'm sure they'll come back..

Lisa: Knowing their daily pedicure... It's probable they won't return tonight..

Hugh: Ah. But we can still do something together, can't we...

Lisa: Yeah!

Lisa: Hugh Jr, Alicia, we have a slight change of plans..

Alicia: Great.. What's next, YOU will ditch me on my special day?

Lisa: That is incorrect. We'll celebrate your special day, as a family!

Alicia: Okay...

They all celebrated Alicia's birthday. It went well.

Episode 15: Mom's Intuition Edit

Alicia was happy about her party.

Hugh Jr was nervous about going back to school. Ever since Lonnie dumping him, he had no real friends. He figures he'll make some soon.

Later, at Hugh Jr's school...

Hugh Jr couldn't get his locker open... Again.

An upperclassman helped Hugh Jr with it.

Upperclassman: You need help with that?

He banged the locker and it opened.

Hugh Jr: WOW! Thanks! And your name is?

Upperclassman: The name's Chad.

Hugh Jr: Nice to meet you Chad. Say... Would you like to come over after school?

Chad: Sure!

Several hours later...

Hugh Jr went home excited.

Lisa: Soooo. How was your day?

Hugh Jr: I just met a new friend! His name is Chad and he's wicked cool!

Lisa (in head): Cool? Cooler than science... I think not..

Lisa: I'd like to meet this Chad.

Just then, Chad walked in.

Hugh Jr: Oh, yeah.. Mom, I sorta invited him over...

Chad: Sick place! I love what you've done here!

Lisa: Thanks! But I wouldn't call it sick...

Chad: Nah.. That just means it's cool! Read up on your slang, lady!

Lisa looked miffed. Lady? How dare he speak to her like that...

Hugh Jr: I'm gonna bring Chad UPSTAIRS so we can study...

Lisa: Uh... Okay..

Lisa (in head): There's something not quite right about Chad.. I'm gonna figure out what that is!

Meanwhile, upstairs:

Chad: So this is your room, Hugh Jr...

Hugh Jr: YEAH! I even have a "Secret" laboratory!

Hugh Jr opened up the walk in closet.

Chad: I say... Science is uncool!

Hugh Jr looked shocked. Science runs in his family... It's not uncool.

Hugh Jr: Well, I think it's super cool... My mom agrees too.. She's the original science genius!

Chad: I see...

Just then, Lisa came upstairs.

She entered Hugh Jr's room.

Lisa: Having fun in here, boys?

Chad: We sure are! I have to call my dad for him to come pick me up...

Lisa: Your dad? You don't wanna stay for dinner...

Chad: Nah. Clyde insists I get home in time.. But what's the rush... I was actually going to hang out around town, anyways...

Lisa was shocked. Not only does this kid call his dad by his first name... His dad's name is CLYDE, who was also LINCOLN'S best friend! If that's the same Clyde, I can't imagine his son turning out like THIS!

Hugh Jr noticed Lisa's shocked expression.

Hugh Jr: Mom what's wrong?

Lisa: Ah.. Nothing.. We'll talk more later!

Just then, Chad left.

Lisa: Okay.. Now we can talk... That Chad's a bad influence! I can tell! Science has predicted it!

Hugh Jr: Really? He's AMAZING! Despite him not liking science... But we don't HAVE to have everything in common, right?

Lisa (in head): That's one reason I think he's a bad influence... He DOESN'T like science....

Lisa: I guess....

Moments later...

Lisa had a plan to expose Chad for being a bad influence on Hugh Jr.

She just didn't know how to do it...

She went in her lab... She had created a new cloning machine... And with snips of Hugh Jr's hair, she could create a clone of him that will go up to Chad and Chad will think it's the real Hugh Jr and pressure him into things. Lisa would also put a microphone on the clone, so Lisa can hear everything they're saying...

Lisa (in head): Now to distract the regular Hugh Jr....

Lucky for Lisa, Hugh Jr looked under-the weather...

Hugh Jr: Ugghh. I don't think I can go to school tomorrow...

Lisa smirked to herself.

Lisa: What's wrong??? Do you need some first aid! Dr. Mom is on the case!

Hugh Jr: Nah.. Just some allergies...

Hugh Jr then puked on the floor.

Hugh Jr: Okay.. A bit more than allergies...

Lisa: Okay... YOU stay in bed... Your dad can take care of you. He doesn't have any classes. I however, have tons of medical work to do...

Hugh Jr: Okay..

He then went to his bed.

Lisa then went back to her lab.

Lisa: The clone should be here in about...

The machine released the Hugh Jr clone, with a microphone and camera attached to his tie. It was VERY subtle, so Chad won't suspect anything..

Lisa laughed maniacally.

Lisa: PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa: Okay.. Clone, go to Hugh Jr's school and contact Chad. When you see him, talk to him. If Chad pressures you or anything... Report back to me!

Hugh Jr clone: YES MOM!

Lisa: Mom! Adorable.. Ahem. I trust you!

Meanwhile, at school.

Chad was waiting by the lockers.

The Hugh Jr clone walked in shortly.

Hugh Jr clone: What's up, Chad?

Chad: HUGH JR, my man! I say, you're looking sharp!

Hugh Jr clone: Thanks!

The bell rang.

Hugh Jr clone: I'd better get to class...

Chad: NAH! Class is for nerds! Hang here with me!

Lisa heard that...

She KNEW Chad was a bad influence! Though she wanted to see where this goes...

Hugh Jr clone: Sure... I've got nothing better to do...

Lisa: Thank goodness it's just a clone, otherwise the real Hugh Jr would be in serious trouble for cutting school...

Moments later... the clone and Chad ended up at the Loud's chocolate restaurant.

Chad opened the door of the restaurant.

Chad: Now... I say we shoplift this joint! Find anything chocolaty and eat it all!

Lisa gulped. This was her SIBLING's restaurant!

She noticed from the camera that Lynn and Lola were guarding the sweets...

Lisa: That Chad can't get far!

Chad: Hello, lovely ladies... May we have a tour in the sweet room?

Lola: AND who might YOU be?

Chad: The name's Chad! You?


Lynn: If you are trying to steal our precious layers of fudge... I WON'T HAVE IT!

Chad: This may be harder than I thought...

He then sprayed a bottle of hand-lotion that was in his jacket on Lynn and Lola.

Lynn & Lola (in unison): MY EYES!!!!

Chad chuckled evilly.

Chad: Perfect! Hugh Jr, you take one end, I'll take the other!

The Hugh Jr clone just stood there recording everything. He then left the restaurant and headed back home.

He went into Lisa's lab.

Lisa: I see you got everything!

Hugh Jr clone: I sure did!


Lisa then got the microphone and camera off the clone's tie and then put it into her computer.

Lisa then disposed of the Hugh Jr clone in her unwanted materials, so no one would suspect anything.

Hugh Jr, looking and sounding better, went into Lisa's room.

Hugh Jr: I'm feeling MUCH better mom!

Lisa: That's good! I have something to show you though...

She opened up the file of the recording of Chad.

Lisa: This I think you should see.. It's of your little friend, Chad.

Hugh Jr watched the tape. It shocked him.

Hugh Jr: Waaaiit.. So that CHAD... Think he can influence me, eh? But wait... I was sick in bed... How in the world did you record him, though?

Lisa grinned sheepishly.

Lisa: Well.. I may have used a cloning machine...

Hugh Jr: You used a cloning machine?

Lisa continued grinning sheepishly.

Lisa: Did I say cloning machine?

Hugh Jr: Yes mom, you did.. You cloned me, though? That's cool.. Yet a little underhanded...

Lisa: YES! I'd admit it... So you're not mad?

Hugh Jr: I know you were looking out for me... Very wise.

Lisa: Well, I am definitely that!

They then hugged and had dinner.

Episode 16: April Fool's Payback! Edit

After Hugh Jr finding out Lisa was right about Chad, he still had mixed thoughts.. How will he make friends now!

Lisa herself didn't feel well either. Luan had e-mailed her in the middle of the night... Not to mention it was April 1st, the holiday Luan loves since she pranks EVERYONE that day.

Luan's next target, however, is Lisa.

Lisa woke up.

Hugh: Well. Look who's up early!

The clock said 6:00 AM. Lisa usually gets up at 6:30.

Lisa: I was just thinking of Luan...

Hugh: Luan?

Lisa: Yes. She said she was going to prank me... Again..

Lisa then went through the door. A bucket of water was hanging there and spilled all over Lisa.

Lisa: That's it! How the heck did Luan even get in here anyways??

Lisa then headed to her laboratory.

Lisa (to herself): If that Luan thinks she can prank me, she's mistaken!

Lisa then worked on a revenge prank for Luan. It was a clone of Luan.

Lisa: This auta get her back!

Lisa then mailed the clone to Luan.

Meanwhile, at Luan's house.

Luan: Ah! April Fools Day! My favorite holiday! Just what are my siblings up to? They couldn't RESIST a prank from me.

She dialed Lily's number.

Luan: Lily. I think your refrigerator is running!

Lily (on other line): Nice try Luan...

Luan: No really! You'd better go catch it!

Lily rolled her eyes then checked on her refrigerator. Yellow gunk spew out all over her.

Lily: LUAN!

Luan hung up the phone and chuckled.

Luan: Now to call Lisa. She auta get a chuckle outta this!

Luan had rigged Lisa's living room to explode - with ultra sticky bubbles.

Meanwhile at Lisa's house.

Lisa went into the living room. Sure enough, Luan's trap worked. The living room was covered with ultra sticky bubbles and Lisa was stuck to the floor.

Lisa: HELP! Hugh! Alicia! HUGH JR!

Suddenly, her family came rushing in.

Alicia: Why's mom stuck to the floor?

Lisa: LUAN happened, that's what!!!

Alicia: Aunt Luan... Really?

Lisa: What you might not know is she is a prankaholic during April Fool's day...

Hugh Jr: Are you going to get her back?

Lisa: OF COURSE! I was hesitant at first.. But now it's definite! Now just get me unstuck!

Hugh, Hugh Jr, and Alicia then grabbed Lisa's hands pulling with all their might. She got unstuck.

Lisa: Great! Now I have to clean this up!

Lisa then got a bucket of water and tossed it all over the living room.

Lisa: This auta hold until I get Luan back!

Lisa then went into her laboratory.

She checked the progress of the Luan clone getting mailed.

The clone had yet to reach Luan's house.

Lisa: UGH! Why is it taking so long!

Lisa then got an idea.

Lisa: Instead of waiting days.... I want to prank Luan back NOW! I know just what to do!

Lisa then went all the way to Lana's house, which is covered in mud.

Lana: What a surprise! Lisa!

Lisa: Got any good mud pies?

Lana: I sure do!

Lisa followed Lana into her kitchen.

It was wall-to-wall covered with mud.

Lana then handed Lisa a mud pie that looked like brownies.

Lisa: This is brilliant! Thanks!

She then went all the way to Luan's house, with the mud-pie in her hands.

Lisa: Now I will just say I baked a pie for Luan.... Conveniently leaving out the "mud" part...

Lisa laughed evilly.

She got to Luan's house.

She rang Luan's doorbell.

Luan: Lisa?

Lisa: I have something for you for being the best sister ever! A chocolate pie!

Luan: THANKS!!!

Lisa smirked to herself.

Luan: I'll save this for later!

Lisa's smirk quickly turned to a frown.

Lisa: What? Save it for later? Chocolate tastes TERRIBLY stale! Not to mention, it may melt!

Luan: Ah.. What the heck! I've got nothing to lose!

Luan then stuffed her face in the pie.

She had a funny look on her face.

Lisa smirked.

Lisa: Something wrong, Luan?

Luan then puked all over the place.

Lisa then stepped out of the way while Luan was puking.

Lisa (to herself): Mission accomplished! That will teach Miss Prankster to never mess with me again!

Luan: What was in this pie!

Lisa: Uhhh.. Chocolate..

Luan: Chocolate DOESN'T make me puke!

Lisa sheepishly grinned.

Lisa: Ooofff course it doesn't....

Luan: It doesn't!

Lisa: FINE! It was a mud pie! I got you back from YEARS of pranking me on April Fool's day!

Luan: Well played sis! I almost fell for it!

Lisa: Well.. I knew you're VERY gullible!

Luan: HEY!

Lisa: Kidding, kidding...

Lisa: Well, bye, Luan!

Luan: Okay. Bye!

Lisa then went back to her car and went back home.

The living room was bubble free, as Hugh Jr and Alicia were watching cartoons on the TV.

Lisa: My work here's done. I got Luan back, and we're all happy!

Hugh Jr: How'd you do it?

Alicia: I heard you made her vomit!

Lisa: Correct you are, Alicia. I did make Luan vomit... Because of an ACTUAL mud pie! Covered with mud!

Hugh Jr & Alicia (in unison): COOL!

Lisa: I know!

Episode 17: Hugh Jr turns 9! Edit

April Fools is over, and now it's Hugh Jr's 9th birthday.

Lisa had a million things planned for his big day.

As Hugh Jr was headed towards the kitchen, Lisa had an idea.

Lisa: Why don't we go to the new science museum for your birthday! A mother-son trip, why not?

Hugh Jr: That would be AWESOME! But will Dad and Alicia be upset when they find out the news?

Lisa: Nah! Of course not!

Hugh and Alicia were already in the kitchen as Lisa and Hugh Jr walked in.

Lisa: Hugh Jr and I will spend the day together at the new science museum... For his birthday.

Hugh: Lis... Shouldn't we do something as a family...

Alicia: I'd like to go to the science museum...

Hugh Jr looked shocked.

Hugh Jr: You would?

Alicia: Of course! I'm MORE than just a pretty face...

Lisa: Okay that settles it.. I'm just taking Hugh Jr... Since it's his birthday, I would expect you 2 to get a chocolate cake for him...

Hugh Jr: Mom. I don't even LIKE chocolate! Why not a vanilla cupcake?

Lisa: It's YOUR BIRTHDAY! You're supposed to have an extravagant cake! (to Hugh) So a double decker chocolate cake... With chocolate cream in the middle for a nice creamy center!

Hugh: Okay.. Whatever you say..

Hugh Jr: Mom! I don't even like chocolate creamy cakes! It's my birthday! You should be doing things for ME!

Lisa: We're going to the science museum. Don't push it..

Hugh Jr: Fine...

Hugh Jr (in head): It's not that I'm ungrateful, it's just Mom always insists on giving me CHOCOLATE for my birthday treat. I'm just not a fan. Last year it was chocolate smoothies, the last year before that, it was chocolate coffee, and not to mention, my first birthday, Mom actually gave me a chocolate bunny that was actually living! But at least, this year she accepted my request to go to the science museum that opened up close to Aunt Lucy's house...

3 hours later:

Lisa: Hugh Jr, it's time to get to the museum!

Hugh Jr: I'm all ready!

Lisa: Splendid!

They went into Lisa's car and were on their way.

Lisa: So it's nice, isn't it?

Hugh Jr: Very. Why couldn't Alicia and dad make it?

Lisa: Because they are planning your surprise party...

Lisa couldn't believe what she just said.

Hugh Jr: I'm having a surprise party?

Lisa sheepishly grinned.

Lisa: Noooo.. Did I say surprise party?

Hugh Jr: You did. I know that smile on you, Mom.. It's not gonna fool me!

Lisa (in head): Darn.. It fooled ALL my sisters back when I was a kid...

They finally reached the science museum.

Lisa: So this is it! Do you want to check out the parasites exhibit or the cloning lab?

Hugh Jr: Can we do both?

Lisa: Of course!

Lisa and Hugh Jr explored the whole museum. Until a text on Lisa's phone appeared.

It was Hugh.

It read: When are you coming home? Alicia wanted to know what cake Hugh Jr REALLY wants.

Lisa responded with, "We'll be home in 2 more hours... And chocolate cream cake, of course!"

Hugh Jr: I heard there was a dinosaur exhibit, too. I'd like to check that out...

Lisa: Okay! We'll check out that exhibit!

The dinosaur exhibit was all the way on the other side of the museum. They reached it eventually.

Hugh Jr noticed how long it was since the dinosaurs were extinct.

Hugh Jr: And to think it was 2 billion years!

Lisa: I know! I would like for Lola to be extinct.. Though I wonder what I would have to do to make that happen...

Hugh Jr: Say what now?

Lisa: Ha. Never mind...

Lisa: As it says here, the dinosaurs became extinct from an asteroid...

Hugh Jr: No.. It was a meteorite.

Lisa: Right... Leni always stated they became extinct due to human pollution, though THAT isn't accurate...

Hugh Jr: Humans didn't even walk the Earth when dinosaurs existed! What was Aunt Leni talking about?

Lisa: I have no idea..

2 hours later: Lisa and Hugh Jr finally arrived back home.

Lisa, Hugh, and Alicia: SURPRISE!

Hugh Jr looked around the room. It was just like the museum... But it had streamers and a birthday cake HUGH JR desired.

Hugh Jr: For me? Thanks!

Lisa: Well.. I figured it's best you have the cake you desired. One simple, vanilla cupcake....

Hugh Jr: What will you guys eat, though?

Hugh: I just wanted you to enjoy the birthday treat...

Alicia: But I'm still in awe on why I wasn't able to come to the museum...

Lisa: It's so you could surprise your brother.. Isn't that more fun... We didn't really have much fun at the museum anyways...


Lisa: No. We didn't..

Hugh Jr and his family all enjoyed his special day.

Episode 18: Mother's Day Edit

A month passed and it was now Mother's day.

Hugh Jr and Alicia wanted to do something VERY special for Lisa.

They brought Lisa breakfast in bed when they announced their surprise.

Lisa: Thanks for breakfast in bed! I really can't thank you enough for the chocolate cake!

Hugh Jr: Yeah, and mom, we'll invite all your siblings over to celebrate your special day with us!

Alicia: And it will be fun!

Lisa thought to herself. If ALL her siblings came over on Mother's day, then how will she spend time with her kids?

Lisa: I don't know about...

Lisa was interrupted when Hugh Jr dialed up Lincoln.

He put the phone by Lisa's ear.

Lincoln (on phone): Lis.. Your kids invited me and all our siblings over to your place.. Are you as excited as I am?

Lisa (lying): Oh.. Of course I am, Lincoln!

Lincoln (on phone): Perfect! We'll be here by noon!

Lisa (in head): NOON! I have to make the house presentable. Lola's such a snob about cleanliness!

Lisa: Hugh Jr, Alicia, you'll need to do some cleaning for Mommy... I need this house to be spotless..

Alicia: Why?

Lisa: With your dad teaching at the university, and not to mention, Lola's coming over.. I need the house clean.

Hugh Jr: We understand.

They then went out of Lisa's room and began cleaning.

Lisa (in head): Perfect. Now to get a few more moments of sleep with no one in my hair...

4 hours later: Noon

The doorbell rang.

Hugh Jr opened it.

All Lisa's siblings came rushing in.

Lincoln: Isn't this great! We'll spend the whole day together!

Leni: I'll take you to the mall! We can do something about that hair...

Lisa: NO ONE'S touching my hair!

Lola: Not even from me???

Lisa: No.

Lily: Say, what happened to that old blankie I used to snuggle with...

Lola: Lisa shredded it...

Lisa (with a sheepish grin): Noooo... Of course I didn't... Do that.. To Lily's blankie...

Hugh Jr: Well. Happy mother's day...

Alicia: Yeah. Have fun!

Lisa: WAIT! Stay. My siblings are driving me CRAZY!

Lincoln: Crazy. Now Lis...

Leni: I don't even know the definition of the word.. What's crazy mean?

Luan whispered the definition of crazy in Leni's ear.

Leni: Ah.. Thanks!

Luan: I don't get why you don't want us here?

Lisa: It was my kids who invited you all here... Not me! In fact, I just wanted a peaceful mothers day with my kids...

Alicia: Are you sure? I asked your siblings if they'll take you to the science museum. They said yes.

Lana: And I know how much you like science!

Lucy: No. I do.

All the siblings agreed.

Lisa: Well. I guess we could all go to the science museum...

Luna: And I heard there was a Mick Swagger exhibit...

Lisa: No, Luna.. There's not..

Luna: Ah. Bogus!

Lana: If there's a reptile exhibit, I'll be all set!

Lisa: Actually.... There is!

Lincoln: Is there an Ace Savvy exhibit? Clyde and I would want to check that out!

Lisa: Unfortunately no. No Ace Savvy exhibit..

Lincoln talked in his walkie talkie.

Lincoln: Cadet Clyde... Sorry. No Ace Savvy exhibit at the science museum...

There was crying on the other end.

Lori: Well, I literally don't want to spend my weekend in some BORING museum....

Lisa: It's not boring... (Lisa's eyes lit up) There's a cell phone exhibit there...

Lori: Not falling for that.

Lisa showed Lori an edited picture of a cell phone exhibit from Lisa's phone.

Lori: Well... I'll be.. I literally had no idea... THAT this picture is edited! I'm NOT Leni...

Lisa: Ah darn.

Lori: But I'll go to the museum with you... You deserve it.

Lisa: Thank.. You...

Lisa (in head): Maybe it's not so bad having my siblings around... The better chance to teach them a few things at the museum!

They all went to the museum.

3 hours later:

Hugh Jr: Can we pick out something at the gift shop?

Alicia: Yeah, can we?

Lisa: I don't see why not...

Alicia and Hugh Jr then went in the gift shop and later came out with an old fashioned microscope and a science encyclopedia.

Lisa: Whoa! How could you afford that?

Alicia: Aunt Lola offered to pay for us.

Lisa: Well. That's nice...

Hugh Jr: And these things aren't for us.. They're for you. For being the best mother ever!

Alicia: Happy mother's day!

Lisa: THANKS! You guys!

They then hugged and went back home.

Episode 19: Father's Day Edit

One month passed and it was Father's day.

Hugh Jr and Alicia wanted to do something special for their dad.

Hugh woke up in the morning and went downstairs.

Hugh Jr: Dad, we suggest doing something special for Father's Day...

Alicia: What surprises suit your fancy - a family reunion or a special date with Mom?

Hugh: Honestly.. Neither. I just wanna spend Father's day with you guys...

Alicia: Okay!

Lisa went downstairs and overheard.

Lisa: If you 3 are spending the day together, I'll spend my time doing science, I suppose...

Hugh: Of course, honey.. You can do some science...

Lisa: Or I could call my old middle school beau, David...

Hugh stopped at the name "David".

Hugh: I prefer you just do science...

Hugh Jr: Wait... Who's David?

Lisa: I said too much..

Lisa then headed to her lab.

Alicia: Anyways.... Do you want to go to the park, Dad? You can push me on the swings like old times!

Hugh: Okay!

Hugh Jr: I don't really like the park much... It's overrated...

Hugh: Then what do YOU prefer to do?

Hugh Jr: Go to the science museum, of course!

Alicia: NO WAY! We've been there during Mother's day, and besides.. Dad doesn't like museums..

Hugh: Now I've never said that.. We can do both, you know..

Hugh Jr: Really?

Hugh: Really.

2 hours later

Hugh Jr, Alicia, and Hugh reached the park.

Alicia saw her best friend Ashley by the swings.

Alicia: Hey Ashley, I'm just spending time with my dad for Father's day!

Ashley: Cool!

Alicia: What are you doing for your dad on Father's day?

Ashley: Didn't you hear... My dad died a while back...

Lola overheard.

Lola: Yeah. Winston was my life.. Until SOMEBODY fed him chemicals unknowingly...

Alicia: You're not talking about Mom... Are you? Cause she would never poison anyone..

Lola: Of course not.. Well. She may have been jealous since Winston was a male model and all Hugh was was an intellectual tutor...

Alicia: That's a bit unlikely...

Lola: OKAY! I admit it. He didn't die! He divorced me!

Ashley's eyes bugged out.

Ashley: SERIOUSLY! And you've lied to me all these years, mom!

Lola: I'm sorry!

Ashley: It's okay.

Just then Hugh Jr came over.

Hugh Jr: Alicia! We haven't shown Dad the museum yet. Let's MOVE!

Alicia came rushing over.

Alicia: I apologize.. It's just Aunt Lola has a juicy love life!

Hugh Jr: Yess... We know.. Our uncle-in-law, Winston, divorced Lola for some beautiful rich heiress..

Alicia: I didn't hear that part!

Hugh Jr: Now let's go...

2 hours later.

They finally got to the museum.

Hugh noticed a familiar face.

It was David, Lisa's old beau.

Alicia: Dad, what are you looking at?

Hugh: Oh. I must have been dreaming.. Your mom's old boyfriend, David, wasn't here, was he?

Hugh Jr: Nooo. Let's just look at some more exhibits...

Alicia: Yeah. I think they finally made a history of chocolate exhibit. We should check it out...

Hugh: Sure. We can check it out.

They spent hours at the museum, then they all decided to go home and have a celebratory dinner that Lisa had made.

Lisa: I introduce to you - General Tso's Chicken!

Hugh: How did you know I liked that all the time as a teen?

Lisa: I know. I did my research...

Alicia: This is yummy!

Hugh Jr: Yeah!

Lisa: So how was the Father's day adventure?

Hugh: I saw your old boyfriend David at the museum...

Lisa's eyes bugged out.

Lisa: But he moved to Colorado during high school... That's when I reunited with you after a broken heart. He's still living in Colorado, for the matter, and has a teenage daughter... So that's impossible.

Hugh: I could've sworn it was him though..

They finished their dinner then the kids went to bed.

Episode 20: Back to School! Edit

Several months passed and it was time for Alicia and Hugh Jr to return to school.

Hugh Jr, especially, was nervous of returning. After Lonnie graduated and headed to high school, he was nervous, as he couldn't find anymore loyal friends.

Alicia was nervous too, since Hugh Jr told her horror stories of losing her best friend. Not to mention, her aunt Lori was her new teacher, and she was worried about getting picked on for having her aunt as a teacher.

Lisa called them all down.

Lisa: C'mon kids! You don't wanna miss your first day of school!

Hugh Jr and Alicia came downstairs sluggishly.

Lisa: Now guys, you may be nervous.. I was nervous too as a kid, returning to school.. Especially being that I was the smartest of all my classmates..

Hugh overheard.

Hugh: And I was nervous, too, when I first went to college. I didn't know ANYONE there.

Lisa: But nonetheless... You kids will do fine! Just keep your head held high and ignore any bullies!

Hugh Jr: I didn't think about that! I'd get BULLIED? Nobody's ever picked on me - EVER! What kind of person would be foolish enough to pick on me, though?

Lisa: Now Hugh Jr.. I doubt anyone's going to be mean.. But if they are, do what I do, and educate them..

Hugh Jr: Uh. Okay...

Just then, the bus came.

Hugh: Okay, goodbye. They're growing up SO fast!

Lisa: I know! I remember when Hugh Jr was just in diapers! Now he's heading off to middle school!

Hugh: And Alicia is heading to 1st grade!

Lisa and Hugh bawled.

Hugh Jr and Alicia noticed this, hugged them, then left.

Hugh Jr: Bye mom!

Alicia: Bye dad!

They went on the bus. There Hugh Jr's old "friend" Chad was at the front of the bus.

Chad was blocking the way for Hugh Jr and Alicia.

Chad: If you want to get across, you'll have to say these words...

Hugh Jr: What? Chad. I have no time for your inanity...

Alicia: And I wanna sit next to Ashley!

Chad: Say "I'm a dummy and so is my sister!"

Hugh Jr: No way am I saying that!

Alicia: And I'm NO dummy! Who are you, anyways?

Chad: Your worst nightmare... Kindergartner...

Alicia: I'm in FIRST grade now...

Chad: Like I care!

Hugh Jr: Let's move. I've brought ONE chemical mom had snuck in my bag...

Hugh Jr tossed the chemical, which was chlorophyll to Chad.

He took a whiff of it and passed out.

Hugh Jr and Alicia then went to their respective seats.

Ashley waved Alicia over.

Ashley: ALICIA!

Alicia: ASHLEY!

They sat together, while Hugh Jr sat by himself in a window seat.

Hugh Jr got out his physics book and began to read.

Alicia: Ashley, how was your summer? The last time I saw you was in the park, during Father's day...

Ashley: Well... My mom was devastated of my dad leaving her... Sooo, I like, spent the WHOLE day with her. We went and got makeovers!

Sure enough, Ashley's hair was curlier than usual and she had on makeup.

Meanwhile, at home...

Lisa and Hugh were on the couch bonding over their childhood memories.

Lisa: Well.. Now that Hugh Jr and Alicia are at school... I figure we could watch some of my old tapes..

Lisa put one in titled "L is for Love"

Hugh: This doesn't have... Gulp.. David in it, does it?

Lisa grinned sheepishly.

Lisa: Noooooo... Why would you ask that?

30 years in the past: 2017

A young Lisa's doing chemistry when her experiment blew up in her face.

A kind, smart guy with black hair and glasses wiped her face up with windshield wipers.

Later, he was taking a nap.

Lisa woke him up.

Young Lisa: Based upon the fluttering of your gorgeous eyelids, you must have had quite a REM cycle.

Later, Lisa gave him a token showing her "love"

Young Lisa: For you.

David (reading the card): Your flowers and poem were a decent start were a decent start, my token for you is a beating heart.

He opened the box and saw a beating heart.

Young Lisa: It's from a pig in the biology lab..

David screamed and ran away.

Young Lisa: Eh, guess he's more of a chemistry guy...

The tape stopped.

Lisa: So. What do you think?

Hugh: I think it's... Well...

Lisa: You don't like it. I know.

Hugh: Why DID you like David, though? What's his deal?

Lisa: Hello? He's a fellow scientist! Nowadays, he's working on a revolutionary medicine that will change the world. I know. I did my research on him..

Hugh: Oookay..

Meanwhile, at the elementary school.

Alicia was heading to her classroom.

On the door read "Mrs. Loud - 1st grade"

Alicia: This must be Aunt Lori's classroom...

Lori: Welcome Alicia! How are you doing!

Alicia: Good!

Ashley wasn't anywhere to be found in the classroom.

Alicia: Wasn't Ashley supposed to be in this class?

Lori: The principal literally pulled her out of this classroom before you walked in.. Now she's in Ms. Harvey's classroom.

Alicia (in head): Ms. Harvey? That teacher! I heard she was SO mean to Hugh Jr! I don't want that to happen with Ashley!

Meanwhile at the middle school.

Hugh Jr was having trouble opening his locker again. He saw Chad in the hallway.

Hoping he would open Hugh Jr's locker..

Hugh Jr: Chad, can you help me? I know we didn't get off on the right foot... But, I need your help..

Chad banged Hugh Jr's locker. It opened.

Hugh Jr: Thank you so much!

Just then, Chad picked up Hugh Jr and put him in the locker, then closed the door and locked it.

Hugh Jr: Wait... What?


Hugh Jr sulked down and started to cry.

Just then Hugh Jr's teacher, Ms. Cole came walking by and heard Hugh Jr's tears.

She stopped by the locker.

Ms. Cole opened it up.

Ms Cole: And Hugh Jr. What an amazing surprise.. And what are you doing in there?

Hugh Jr: Chad locked me in here. I don't know why...

Ms. Cole: Well. This is not okay. I'll have a word with Chad. In the meantime, you should get to class...

Hugh Jr: Okay.

As Hugh Jr was heading to class, Ms. Cole went up to Chad.

Ms. Cole: I understand you locked Hugh Jr in a locker...

Chad: I did no such thing! He's a liar!

Ms. Cole: I don't think he'd lie about something like that...

Chad: Look! He even gave me a black eye!

Sure enough, Chad's eye was all black and swollen. In reality, it was makeup.

Ms. Cole: AW! Are you okay?

Chad: No.. He's a menace!

Ms. Cole: I'll have a word with Hugh Jr.

Chad smirked, then stopped.

Chad: That's good.

Chad (in head): Now I'll get him in trouble and he won't get in my way again!

Meanwhile at home..

Lisa and Hugh were watching another tape.

Lisa: And no.. This next tape doesn't have David in it!

Hugh: But the last TWENTY tapes DID! Why him and not me?

Lisa: Honestly.. This tape will explain why I chose you..

Meanwhile at the elementary school...

Alicia was outside during recess. She saw Ashley again.

Ashley was with 3 other girls who Alicia didn't recognize.

Alicia: Ashley! I thought we were going to meet up together!

Ashley: I'm sorry... One thing led to another... But, I'd like you to meet my NEW best friends!

Alicia: New best friends?

Ashley: Yeah. These three girls ALL have the same name as me! How cool is that!

Alicia: That's great.. But, I thought WE were friends...

Ashley: Yeah. But these girls are in my class. They help me through that mean Ms. Harvey... Ashley M is great at sports, like Aunt Lynn... Ashley C is good at science much like your mom... And Ashley Z is great period - we're so much alike!

Alicia: That's nice... But why them and NOT me!

Ashley: We can still hang out.. Just not at school...

Alicia: Oookay..

Meanwhile at the middle school...

Hugh Jr was sitting in the principal's office after Chad had gotten him in trouble.

Principal Kennedy: Hugh Jr, our best student... What a surprise...

Hugh Jr: I honestly didn't do anything...

Principal Kennedy: Well. You seem innocent.. But Chad claimed to have a black eye... Can you explain?

Hugh Jr: I dunno WHAT he's talking about! I was never near him!

Sure enough, Hugh Jr had a video camera record everything this whole time.

He showed Principal Kennedy this.

Hugh Jr: And that is why -

Suddenly, the screen went black, then the camera showed Hugh Jr wailing on Chad.

Principal Kennedy: OKAY! You're suspended! I'm calling your parents!

Chad from outside the principal's office smirked then laughed evilly.

Meanwhile at home...

Lisa got the phone call. Hugh was busy destroying the tapes with David in them.

Lisa (on phone): Hmmm. Fascinating.. I'll be right there!

Lisa went to the middle school.

There Hugh Jr had a long face.

Chad came by.

Chad: What's the matter.. You got suspended?

Hugh Jr looked shocked.

Hugh Jr: HOW did YOU know about that?

Chad: And now your mommy's coming to pick you up!

Hugh Jr: What did YOU DO?

Chad: Nothing a little manipulation can't solve...

Lisa walked in and overheard this.

Lisa was outraged.

Lisa: SO YOU say YOU sabotaged MY SON so he'd get SUSPENDED! What the heck!

Hugh Jr: Relax, Mom, I've got this...

Chad: Who is this crazy lady?


Hugh Jr: MOM! Seriously. I can handle him!

Lisa: Not if he MADE you get suspended!

Principal Kennedy then entered the hallway, noticing Lisa had Chad pinned down.

Principal Kennedy: WOW! Now I know where Hugh Jr gets it from...

Lisa: No! Wait.. I can explain!

Principal Kennedy: I'd LOVE to hear it..

Lisa: So, CHAD here admits to sabotaging Hugh Jr, MY SON, to get him suspended...

Chad: And I would've gotten away with it if it weren't for meddling mothers!

Principal Kennedy: That's it. Chad, you're suspended.... No wait... With your past infractions - you're expelled!

Lisa smirked briefly.

Lisa: Aw. Sorry, kid.. It's what's best..

Hugh Jr: Now you won't bug me anymore!

Chad: I'll GET YOU ALL!

Lisa: I doubt it..

Hugh Jr: Good luck..

Meanwhile at the elementary school...

Alicia was having lunch alone, since Ashley ditched her for the other Ashleys.

She noticed Ashley laughing with her new friends.

Alicia: Sigh. This was inevitable.. Ryan & Lucas are too boy-ish to talk to, and I NEED my best girl back!

Alicia: Not going to mope any longer! If Ashley has new friends.. Then maybe I can get a new friend!

Alicia looked around the cafeteria. There was a lonely brainy girl who looked vaguely similar to her mom as a kid.

Alicia went up to her.

Alicia: Hi! I'm Alicia.

Girl: I'm Paige. Nice to meet you!

Alicia: Cool! What class are you in?

Paige: I'm in Mrs. Loud's class.. You?

Alicia: No way! Me too. And she's my aunt - Lori!

Paige: That's awesome!

Then school let out and the kids went home.

Lisa drove Hugh Jr home.

They awaited Alicia.

Alicia came home with a smile.

Alicia: MOM! Guess what! I made a new friend! Originally my bestie Ashley ditched me, but I decided to NOT let that get me down!

Lisa: That's good you made a new friend.. But why would Ashley ditch you?

Alicia: I dunno..

Hugh Jr: And I was tormented ALL DAY! Chad even tried getting me suspended!

Alicia: Hugh Jr, wasn't Chad your friend who Mom thinks is a bad influence?

Hugh Jr: YES! And you met him on the bus, remember?

Alicia: Oh. Of course. That jerk...

They then later had dinner then went to bed.

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