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Lisa Loud's Inside Out Emotions

Inside Lisa

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Lisa Loud has had a lot on her plate for being only four years old.... Here's a peek in her life and her emotions that go along with being a scientist and genius.

Anger Lisa

Anger Lisa

Loud House - upstairs (Lisa & Lily's room)

Lisa wakes up for a nice day. Her nice day is shortly interrupted by Lola & Lana's screams from the other room.

Anger Lisa: "Can't you see that I'm trying to study?!"

Lola: "Lana started it!"

Lana: "NO! It's Lola who started it!!!"

Loud House - kitchen

Sadness Lisa

Sadness Lisa

Lynn got back from a soccer game and is pumped. Lisa was working on an experiment in the kitchen. Lynn knocked over Lisa's experiment and never apologized. 5 hours later, Lynn still didn't apologize.

Sad Lisa: "I just need to be alone..."

Lynn: "Why?"

Sad Lisa: "I just do..."

Royal Woods School - Science lab

Joy Lisa

Joy Lisa

Lisa is most excited to present her newest invention to the science fair.

Happy Lisa: "I know I'm going to win! I'm SO excited!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeee!"

If things didn't turn out for the best, Lisa's crush, Hugh, showed up to her school to be a judge in the science fair..

Hugh: "And the winner is........................."

Lisa anticipated this.

Hugh: "Lisa Loud!"


Royal Woods - a dark alley

Fear Lisa

Fear Lisa

Lisa got lost on her way home because the GPS tracker on her phone that was handed down from Lori malfunctioned.

Scared Lisa: "Oooooo... It's awfully dark..."

She turns to a blonde haired lady with a dog and asks for directions

Blonde haired lady: "Sorry, little girl, I don't know where your house is..."

Lisa was super scared she wouldn't make it home in time for dinner.

Loud House - Dining room

Disgust Lisa

Disgust Lisa

Lisa finally made it home just in time for dinner.... But wait.. Lynn Sr. was cooking and that usually means goulash...

Lynn Sr: "I hope you kids enjoy my new goulash recipe!!!!!!"

Disgusted Lisa: "It sounds like puke to me!"

Lana: "I'll eat it if you won't!"

Disgusted Lisa: "Be my guest!"

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